10 activities for your mental health.

a person walking on an oversized map that has multiple destinations marked

In Town

  1. Irish Bend Covered Bridge
    Enjoy a view of Marys Peak after crossing Oak Creek via this historic bridge. Start on campus, head west, and you'll stroll past cows, sheep, and maybe even an egret. You'll go from campus to country quickly. It's easy to forget the daily grind with this walk.
    covered bridge surrounded by trees
  2. Avery Park
    This park is a hop away from the southern edge of campus. Cross over the Marys River and take the first dirt path on your right to escape to a short riverside walk. Disconnect from the daily grind to stop and enjoy the rose garden or lay out a blanket on one of the many fields.
  3. College Hill neighborhood
    Just north of campus is a little pocket of history. Transport to a different time with these tree lined streets and houses from the early 1900s. As you walk further from campus, the houses get newer and styles change. Check the corner sidewalks for date stamps as you travel through time. The city of Corvallis has created a self-guided walking tour.
  4. Classic walk through campus: the 2 quads
    Whether it’s your first  or 500th time walking through the heart of campus, it’s breathtaking. Stroll through when you’re not rushing to your next class to enjoy the rhodies, the trees, and whatever else happens to show up: a cute puppy, a game of cricket or a beautiful sunset.
  5. Downtown mural project
    A little bit further from campus than our other destinations. Take the Gateway Walk near Champinefu Lodge to head downtown. Get lost in tracking down all the murals, either by following the Corvallis Mural Project map or challenging yourself to find them on your own.

Surrounding Area

  1. Fitton Green
    This short escape into nature will make you instantly feel happy. Fitton Green is the perfect place to look out onto the city while being surrounded by wildflowers. Bring a walking buddy or your friendly four-legged friend and enjoy some time to clear your mind.
  2. Old growth and new growth trail
    Surround yourself with tall trees and hear the wind whistle through the leaves. This trail, located in the heart of the McDonald-Dunn Forest, is a perfect escape on a busy day. You’ll find people running or walking while they take in the views.
  3. Witham Hill Natural Area
    A little hidden loop in North Corvallis full of old forest and abandoned orchards. This trail is short and doesn’t take much time out of your schedule. It’s the perfect place to go for a quick breather during lunch or right after class or labs to clear your head.
  4. Peavy Arboretum
    Peavy Arboretum offers a variety of trails for all levels. While you’re getting your exercise, you might find some trees that are marked with identification posts so you can learn a little bit about our local landscape while having some fun. For a more educational experience, print this brochure to take a self-guided tour.
    sunshine filtering through some tall pine trees
  5. Chip Ross Park
    Take a moment to enjoy the beautiful views of Corvallis from atop Chip Ross Park. This easy-to-moderate hike is only 1.5 miles through oak woodlands. Climb up to the top, take a deep breath, reflect, enjoy the views and have a feeling of accomplishment.