Top spots to escape the rain.

person standing under an arch watching the rain

Love or loath the rain, it’s a part of living in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Some days, you just have to push through and get where you’re going. But some days, either you either have the luxury of waiting it out, or the rain is so intense that you’re forced to do nothing but take shelter. In either case, we got you covered. Here’s our favorite spots:

wood staircase with skylight
Hallie Ford Center
Take a seat on one of the benches that are part of the central staircase. With the soft light filtering through the skylights, enjoy the pitter patter of the rain.
people studying at tables in the MU lounge
MU Lounge
Need we say more? It’s OSU’s living room. Bonus points if you get a seat next to the window and there’s a fire going in the fireplace. Maximum cozy.
rotunda with armchairs full of people studying
Valley Library rotunda
Grab an armchair and enjoy the 180-degree view of the drizzle from the second, fourth or fifth floors. If you’re in it for the long haul, you can grab a hot drink from Java II for that next level of warmth.
person sitting in a brick inset of Weatherford Hall
Weatherford Hall arch
This classic portrait location also serves as an excellent respite from the rain. Strike a pose, rain or shine!
outdoor covered plaza
Plaza at the Student Experience Center
Sit under the banana tree, pretend it’s 20 degrees warmer and enjoy your tropical escape from the rain. 
Kelley Engineering interior with skylights and tall windows
Kelley Engineering Center
Sit on the benches that line the floor-to-ceiling windows on either end of the building. Grab a cup of coffee from eCafe. And if you’re lucky, someone might be playing the piano.
people sitting in a spacious wooden interior with staircase
Atrium in Peavy Hall
Surround yourself with the soothing textures and piney smell of the wood interior of this newly built hall.
floating steel balls hanging from a skylighted ceiling
Austin Hall
Sit by the fireplace and enjoy a salad from Trader Bing’s. Watch the rain fall down the sides of the windows. Or, head upstairs to walk through the history of the College of Business with the Abacus sculpture.