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Welcome to the Field Guide to Functions. This field guide contains a quick look at the functions commonly encountered in single variable calculus. It is here as review and as a reference. Since functions are the primary objects of study in calculus, it is a good idea to keep this Field Guide handy on your journey through CalculusQuestTM or any other calculus course.

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Linear Functions

Polynomial Functions

Power Functions

Rational Functions

Exponential Functions

Logarithmic Functions

Trigonometric Functions

Piecewise Functions

Algebraic Operations on Functions

Function Composition

General Types of Functions


Questions on Linear Functions

Questions on Polynomial Functions

Questions on Power Functions

Questions on Rational Functions

Questions on Exponential Functions

Questions on Logarithmic Functions

Questions on Trigonometric Functions

Questions on Piecewise Functions

Questions on Algebraic Operations

Questions on Function Composition

Questions on Types of Functions

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