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Sometimes it takes a little digging to find gems. I've done the digging for you. Here you will find links to quickly learn about nursery IPM and the resources that can help you implement it.

arthropods - the other guys
Cover Crops and Green Manure
Degree Day and Phenology Information
Departments of Agriculture
IPM Resources
Invasive species
Insectary Plants
Pesticide Registration Activity
Pesticide Information
Pesticide Labels
Phenology Reports
Plant Pest Monitoring

Professional Associations
Thresholds Development

Water Quality

Cover Crops and Green Manure
ATTRA: Overview of Cover Crops and Green Manures
Improving Soil Quality & Cover Crops - OSU Small Farms
Organic Fertilizer and Cover Crop Calculator - OSU Small Farms
UC SAREP Cover Crop Database
USDA SARE: Managing Cover Crops Profitably
Using Cover Crops in Oregon

Degree Day and Phenology Information
USPEST.ORG IPM pests and plant disease models and forecasting
Growing Degree Days and Phenology for Ohio (Can use 43210 zip code to see their list)
UC IPM On-line: About Degree Days
Maryland Cooperative Extension Pest Predictive Calendar - Landscape/Nursery
University of Massachusett's Growing Degree Days for Management of Insect Pests in the Landscape
Degree days and Phenological indicators

Departments of Agriculture
Idaho Department of Agriculture
Montana Department of Agriculture
Oregon Department of Agriculture
Utah Department of Agriculture
Washington State Department of Agriculture
National Association of State Departments of Agriculture Di
U.S. Department of Agricultures

Oregon State University Plant Clinic. Disease and Insect identification and diagnosis

Oregon State University Insect ID Clinic. Insect identification and honeybee diagnostics

Washington State University Insect and Plant Diagnostic Clinic - Western Washington

A Systematic Approach to Diagnosing Plant Damage English - Spanish Slide show (English only)

Analytical labs and Consultants Serving Agriculture in the Pacific Northwest database from Washington State University

Drift Management

Pesticide Risk Tool: A tool to estimate negative risks of pesticide application. This tool lets growers better manage or reduce risks associated with pesticide applications.

New OSU Drift Management Factsheet - English (high resolution) - (low resolution) Spanish (high resolution) - (low resolution)

Preventing Water Contamination and Pesticide Drift: A Checklist for Pesticide Applicators. Oregon State University Extension


IPM Resources
IPM for Tree Pests
IPM for Small Nurseries
Integrated Plant Protection Center (IPPC), Oregon State University
Washington State Pest Management Resource Service. Includes links to A&E News (archived editions), Picol (Pesticide Information Center On-line - tolerance and pesticide labels database for OR and WA). One of my favorite resources is the Pesticide Acronym Glossary
USDA National Site for Regional IPM Centers
Western Region IPM Center. Info on funding, projects, Crop Profiles/PMSP, the Western Front newsletter.

Insectary Plants
IFA: Enhancing Biological Control with Beneficial Insectary Plants
Conservation Biological Control Project
ATTRA:Farmscaping to Enhance Biological Control

Pesticide Registration Activity

Pesticide Information
WSU Agrichemical and Environmental News

Animal Poison Control Center
Oregon Poison Control Center
Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center
Extoxnet: Extension Toxicology Network
National Agricultural Statistics Service: Ag Chemical Use Database
National Pesticide Information Center
OSU ExtensionPesticide Properties Database free version (1994)
US EPA Pesticide Website
US EPA Office of Pesticide Programs Pesticide Safety
ISDA Pesticide Information
ODA Pesticide Division
OSU Pesticide Applicator Training Program

WSDA Pesticide and Fertilizer Website

WSU Pesticide Education Program
WSDA Waste Pesticide Program

Pesticide Labels
CDMS:Crop Protection Product Labels
Greenbook Product Labels
PICOL: Pesticide Information Center On-line

Phenology Reports
May 4, 2004
June 2 2004

Plant Pest Monitoring
UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines: Floriculture and Ornamental Nurseries Monitoring with Sticky Traps
University of Florida's Diagnostic and Monitoring Procedures for Nursery Crops
Integrated Pest Management Manual for Landscape Pests in Ontario
Purdue Department of Entomology Developing an Integrated Pest Management Program for Nurseries
ATTRA Integrated Pest Management for Greenhouse Crops: Crop Scouting and Trapping
ATTRA Integrated Pest Management for Greenhouse Crops: Monitoring and Scouting Techniques for Greenhouse Plants

UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines: Floriculture and Ornamental Nurseries Establishing Treatment Thresholds

Professional Associations
American Phytopathology Association
Entomology Society of America
Weed Science Society of America

Oregon Climate Service
NWS Seattle, Washington Forecast Office
Washington State Forecasts
Washington State Department of Transportation Statewide Traveler Information
NWS Boise, Idaho Forecast Office
Idaho State Forecasts
Northwest observational data
Canada Weather Conditions and Forecasts
National Weather Service
Pacific Northwest Cooperative Agricultural Weather Network (AgriMet)
Weather Underground
Corvallis AgriMet
Forest Grove AgriMet
Oregon Department of Transportation Tripcheck
Regional barometer readings - Marine weather information


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