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Pest and Plant Phenological Activity
Calendar date Degree Days (base= 41 F) Plant/pest activity Plant/Pest image Phenological Event
Early February 137 Carnation tortrix carnation tortrix feeding damage on sprucecarnation tortrix and feeding damage larval stage feeding on buds
Early February 147 Bumble bee bumble bee on crocus Active and foraging
Early February 147 Genista pilosa 'Vancouver Gold' Genista pilosa 'Vancouver Gold' full bloom full bloom
Early February 147 Dark-face arion, Arion distinctus dark face Arion, Arion distinctus Active and feeding
Early February 147 Witch hazel, Hamamelis × intermedia Witch hazel full bloomWitch hazel 'Diane' full bloom full bloom
Early February 147 Glass snail, Oxychilus Glass snail, Oxychilus Active and feeding
Early-mid February 147 Milky slug, Deroceras reticulatum milky slug Deroceras reticulatum Active and feeding
Early February 168 birch aphid, Euceraphis betulae birch eggsbirch aphid nymphs egg hatch
Mid- February 180 Carabid beetle Carabid beetle adult Active, benefical predatory beetle
Mid- February 196 Heather, Erica Heather full bloom full bloom


205-210 Springtail springtails adults, often found when sampling. Generally not a pest (a few limited exceptions - seedling crops)
Mid-late February 210-215 Forsythia Forsthia full bloom full bloom
Late February 218 Crocus crocus beginning bloom beginning bloom
Early March 241 Western conifer seed bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis Western conifer seed bug structural invader - emerging from overwintering
Early March 262 Earwigs, Forficula auricularia earwig - femaleearwig - male adults active
Early March 265 Powdery mildew on manazanita powdery mildew on manzanitapowdery mildew on manzanita active (infecting new tissue as well as old)
Early March 304 Powdery mildew on lamb's ears, Neoerysiphe galeopsidis powdery mildew on lamb's ear active (infecting new tissue as well as old)
Mid-March 319 Paper wasps Paper wasp Polistespaper wasp nest Adults
Mid- March 357 Painted lady beetle, Mulsantina picta (tentative ID) painted lady beetle (tentative ID) Adult on spruce
Mid- March 399 Lace bug on indian plum, Oemelaria Lace bug damage on indian plumlace bug on indian plum Adults active
Mid- March 399 Saucer magnolia, Magnolia x soulangeana Saucer magnolia - beginning bloom Beginning bloom
Late March 467 Marsh Slug, Deroceras laeve Deroceras laeve Active
Late March 467 'Mt. Hood' daffodils 'Mt. Hood' daffodils full bloom Full bloom
Late March 467 Saucer magnolia, Magnolia x soulangeana Saucer magnolia full bloom Full bloom
Late March 467 European red slug, Arion rufus European red slug Active
Late March 476 Carpentar ants, Camponotus modoc carpenter antcarpentar ants active
Late March 505 Cinara aphids on spruce Cinara aphids on spruce active



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