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Tuition Remission

Not Associated with Formal Graduate Assistantship

On March 31, 2000, Provost White approved the Oregon State University Graduate Tuition Remission Policy, which became effective Fall term 2000. Several new opportunities were established by this policy and some existing policies were modified. See the approved OSU Graduate Tuition Remission Policy statement.

The following program descriptions and procedural guidelines have been developed for the distribution of graduate tuition remission not associated with formal graduate assistantships.

OSU Foundation Fellowship Tuition Support Program

The intent of this program is to maximize the value of institutional graduate fellowships by providing accompanying tuition scholarships.

Targeted Graduate Tuition Scholarships

The intent of this program is to provide the Graduate Dean flexibility in responding to institutional needs as specified under "scope".

Training Grant and External Fellowship Tuition Relief

The intent of this program is to maximize the value of traineeships and fellowships by supplementing cost of education allowances that do not cover the full instructional fees of graduate students funded by such programs.

University Graduate Laurels Block Grant Program

The University Graduate Laurels Block Grant program is administered by the Graduate School on an annual, competitive basis. Block grant allocations will be awarded to select graduate departments and programs that submit a competitive plan to a) deploy funds to recruit and retain graduate students of the highest quality to advance the university's strategic goals; and/or b)advance the institution's diversity goals in broadening participation by educationally underrepresented segments of society within the graduate enterprise.