OSU Alert Portal FAQ

What is the purpose of the OSU Alert notification system?

This system allows University officials to send emergency alerts and timely warnings to the campus community. 

When will the OSU Alert system be used?

This system will be used only when a significant emergency, dangerous situation or sudden campus closure/delay occurs on a university campus.

What is an OSU Alert?

An Alert is a message that will provide a timely warning or notification of an emergency and include instructions for the recipient to follow.  Due to the limit of message length, the instructions may direct the recipient to a web site for additional information.

Who will authorize use of the Alert system?

Emergency Preparedness will administer the system and authorize all use of it. Contact the OSU Emergency Preparedness Manager if you have questions about this.

Am I automatically opted-in to OSU Alert?

Your OSU email address is automatically added and cannot be removed. However, you can opt-in additional email and phone/text numbers through your OSU Alert account  (https://getrave.com/login/oregonstate). By opting-in/adding your text number, you are agreeing to receive text messages from OSU Alert.

Can I opt out of OSU Alert?

No.  Minimally, an email will be sent to everyone in the campus community with an ONID account.  When a notification is being sent, OSU needs to be able to contact you about incidents or emergencies that occur on campus.  Information that you voluntarily added can be removed via the OSU Alert portal.  (https://getrave.com/login/oregonstate).  You can also call the OSU Helpdesk at (541) 737-3474 if you need assistance with the portal. 

Who do I call if I am having trouble accessing the web page to add more contact information?

The OSU Computer Helpdesk at (541) 737-3474.

Who will pay for text messages if I include my SMS/Text phone number?

You will be responsible for any text message charges that your carrier assigns. Some customers may have unlimited plans in which case this will not be of concern; however, if you do not wish to pay for text messages simply do not provide us with that phone number.

How much does it cost me to participate in the program?  

The program is fully funded by Oregon State University and is offered at no cost to the participants.  Your individual telephone data plan may incur costs for text or phone messages.

Does this system allow for producing messages that meet 508 Compliance Standards relative to TTY/TDD message delivery?

Yes. The OSU Alert service has narrator capabilities for web navigation; as well as providing TTY/TDD message delivery with a single checkbox. This service additionally provides users with the option of utilizing the Dial-In messaging card for message activation.

Does this notification system allow users to select the type of message to be sent - voice, text, or voice and text --depending upon the urgency of the call?

Yes. The service allows users to send messages via voice, text, or voice and text depending upon the urgency of a call. Emergency calls result in notifications being automatically sent to all available contact points listed for each recipient for the type of call the user selects: ( 3 phone numbers, 3 SMS (Short-Message Service) and 2 additional e-mail addresses.

Can my parents receive notifications?

We suggest you use the alternative home phone number or the secondary email address for your parents’ information if they wish to receive notifications.