Naomi Fitter

Naomi Fitter

Name, course(s) that you teach, your credentials and how long you’ve been at OSU?

I teach ME451 (Introduction to Instrumentation and Measurement Systems) currently. I completed my undergraduate degrees (mechanical engineering, Spanish) at the University of Cincinnati and my graduate degrees (robotics, mechanical engineering) at the University of Pennsylvania. I started at OSU as an assistant professor winter term of 2019.

What is your favorite thing about OSU/ What do you feel that Oregon State offers that sets us apart from other colleges?

I like being at a public university that seems to really focus on serving the needs of the student population. It’s great to be in a region that seems to have a healthy and relaxed pace of life and at a university/college of engineering/robotics program with colleagues and students who do great work and also have lives and hobbies outside of the lab/classroom.

Your biggest piece of advice to current and prospective students?

Don’t be afraid to try things that interest you (classes, internships, research, study abroad, etc.). My path to what I’m doing today had many twists and turns, and experiences that are different from what I do now, but helped me gain skills that I still use today.

What made you interested in Robotics? What is one of your favorite projects you’ve done?

I liked the potential for staying technical but also interacting with people. In my undergraduate studies, I focused on mechanical engineering, and also Spanish! Robotics offered ways to combine technology and the humanities through human-robot interaction research.

I’m currently having a lot of fun with robot comedy. My robotic comedian (Jon the Robot) has performed in many different venues nationally and internationally. I regularly run a show called Singu-hilarity at the Majestic Theater with an awesome and nerdy lineup of human comedians, robot comedians, and variety acts.

Most rewarding thing about being part of the Oregon State community?

I’ve had great luck reaching out across the university and making connections with people from different colleges here. It feels rewarding to work in a truly transdisciplinary way and connect with folks from public health, music technology, visual art, and other parts of the university to be able to do the types of work that isn’t possible with only one background area of expertise. I’m looking forward to continuing to make these types of connections and I hope it contributes to my ability to do impactful teaching and research.