This Is Your OSU. A quarterly report from OSU President Ed Ray.

Fledgling companies depend on research, the right personnel and access to capital. Since 2004, at least 22 startup and spinoff companies have leveraged OSU research. At every stage, it comes down to risk.

OSU wheat researchers lead a national initiative to address a threat to world food security. With the only facility permitted by the USDA to import seeds from an international grain research center, OSU plays a key role in developing disease-resistant varieties.

The dense grove of willow, ash, maple and alder looks like 100 percent nature's doing. But in fact, the 3,000 towering trees shading the east bank of Marys River in Philomath grew from the vision and dedication of a science teacher and his student.

Abdulsalam Alhawsawi came to Oregon State University to learn about safety in medical X-ray labs. His dream to protect public health reflects OSU's commitment to expand its international reach through INTO-OSU. 

In diaries, letters and public records from Colonial America, Ben Mutschler saw repeated references to illness and became intrigued with how life appeared to revolve around health matters.

From the 12th floor of a tower on Portland's bustling riverfront, Oregon State University pharmacists are quietly at work saving Oregonians millions of dollars. 

Basketball team

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Patrick Stone

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Hallie Ford CenterMore than one in five OSU alumni have contributed to the Campaign for OSU. See the 2009 fiscal-year report.