Awards & Scholarships


University Mentoring and Professional Development Award 

This award, presented each September at University Day, recognizes any classified, professional faculty, or faculty member who excels in mentoring, supporting, and encouraging OSU employees, especially women and those from under-represented groups or non-traditional careers, and making available to them opportunities for professional, educational and personal development.

Information, criteria, past recipients 

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Scholarships and Funding


PCOSW provides funding for women faculty, students and staff who are pursuing professional development or research opportunities.  PCOSW also supports individuals conducting research related to women's issues. Scholarships range from $500 to $1000.  Applications are by Friday of the 5th week of each term (fall, winter, spring).  Notification of an award will occur during the 7th week of the term. Funding requests must be made at least one term in advance prior to the project start date (for example, if your funding request is for Spring Term, you must submit your request during or before Winter Term).

PCOSW Scholarship Application  

Please read through the Scholarships Review Criteria prior to your submission.

Please Note: Scholarship recipients are asked to submit a brief summary report within 30 days of the completion of their funded activity, and all awardees are required to submit receipts for reimbursement within 30 days of the completion of their funded activity.

Co-Sponsorship of Campus Activities

PCOSW occasionally provides funding of up to $500 for campus activities that address topics related to women's issues. Please contact Natalia Fernández for more information natalia.fernandez@oregonstate.edu

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I required to have matching funds for my proposed project or activity?

For scholarship applications, we encourage faculty and staff to seek/request matching funds from their home departments. Please inform us of any matching funds on your application. Matching funds are not required for student applications. However, if applicable, we do ask you to list your funding from other sources.

What can PCOSW fund?

Items we are able to fund include such things as: equipment, software, speaker fees/honoraria, film rights/screening fees for co-sponsorships, transportation, conference registrations, research costs.

What can PCOSW not fund?

We are unable to fund tuition, wages, student fees, consumables or reagents, or gasoline expenses.  

What if my plans change and I am unable to use the funds I was awarded for the proposed project/activity?

Please contact Natalia Fernández at natalia.fernandez@oregonstate.edu

If you have another project/activity in mind, you may be able to submit a proposal for the committee to review your new application. If you know that you are unable to use the funds, let the committee know as soon as possible so we can use the funds for another applicant.

Am I allowed to submit a new application to receive more funds for the same project/activity?

Yes. In your application please note that you have previously received PCOSW funds for the proposed project/activity. Be sure to fully explain the project, do not assume the committee will recall the details of your previous application. The same application deadlines and criteria apply.

What happens if I need to extend my project/activity past the date I stated in my application that my project/activity would be complete?      

Please contact Natalia Fernández at natalia.fernandez@oregonstate.edu to let her know of your new expected completion date.

What if I still have questions; who do I contact?

If you have questions regarding PCOSW Awards and Scholarships, please contact Natalia Fernández at natalia.fernandez@oregonstate.edu