The Commission as a Whole


The Commission is composed of a representative cross-section of members of the University community, including volunteers and ex-officio members. Membership has historically included undergraduate students, graduate students, classified employees, academic teaching and research faculty members, and professional faculty members.

Commission Focus

  • Campus Climate and Culture
  • Equity
  • Advocacy
  • Mentoring
  • Financial Resources
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Connection
  • Parenting Issues
  • Leadership Development
  • Promoting Women’s Achievements
  • Community Building

The Commission

The President's Commission on the Status of Women (PCOSW) advises the president and other administrators regarding the status of women within the university. PCOSW is composed of a cross-section of the University community, both men and women, including faculty, staff, and students.

PCOSW was established at Oregon State University in 1972.

Mission Statement

The Commission is appointed by the president to actively advocate and promote a positive climate for all university women students, staff, faculty, and administrators.

As a direct link with the president, The President's Commission on the Status of Women actively helps women on campus to succeed professionally and personally, creates community awareness of women's issues, and investigates and advocates change by acting as a unifying voice against sexism and institutional sexism.

The President's Commission on the Status of Women invites others of the Oregon State University community to participate directly. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your concerns or ideas.

Leadership Team

Co-Chairs Anne Gillies and Louisa Hooven, Cindy Alexis, Amy Davila-Klautzsch, Natalia Fernandez, Malgo Peszynska, and Inara Scott

Monthly Meetings 

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"I am very proud of the ongoing and important work of the President's Commission on the Status of Women. Without substantial resources to staff the commission in the past, the commission led the effort that resulted in the first climate survey on the OSU campus. The PCOSW has continued to press for a family-friendly work environment and for assurances that compensation and career opportunities are equitable. There are many advocates for an inclusive and welcoming community here at OSU and all of us appreciate the energy and intelligence that the members of the PCOSW have provided in keeping women's issues on everyone's agenda and helping all of us understand that women's issues are everyone’s issues."

- Ed Ray
OSU President


"The resilience of patterns of privilege makes the journey toward full inclusion of women long and arduous. The President's Commission on the Status of Women has provided a constancy of attention and effort that is absolutely essential to progress in the ongoing struggle for equality."

- Angelo Gomez, Director
OSU Office of Equity and Inclusion