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Healthy People

Community Conscience

Before Lauren Fein considered public health as a career, she worked as an AmeriCorps volunteer after graduating from college. Read More

The Right Questions

Dana West sat in the pediatrician’s office, her two young children by her side, and felt her I-can-do-it-all façade slowly crumble. All it took was a question. Read More

Caring for Kids

Albany dentist Scott Nicholson is showing 8-year-old Keisha an x-ray of her teeth. “Mom can come take a look too,” he says, inviting Keisha’s mother to join them at the screen. Read More

Vital Signs

Seeing the crush of people jockeying for an open seat at the big white tent might make you wonder what kind of celebrity was in attendance. Read More

Healthy Futures

A nearly 5-foot-long cigarette, smoke wafting from one end, beckoned passers by to a booth in the Memorial Union Quad last May. Read More