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Fat Studies: Teaching About Weightism as a Social Justice Issue

Dr. Patti Watkins, School of Psychological Sciences

Fat Studies Presentation - Dr. Patti Watkins from May 9, 2012

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Scholars in the Humanities as well as the Social and Health Sciences have begun to recognize that bias based on body weight, shape, and size rivals bias based on other areas of difference in terms of its prevalence and consequences. Similarly, weightism intersects with other forms of oppression, most particularly gender along with race and sexual orientation. As such, it has been framed as a social justice issue and one for which few legal restrictions currently exist. Fat Studies is an emerging academic discipline that seeks to generate and disseminate knowledge in this area and translate this knowledge into social action. This presentation gave an overview of weight bias and the field of Fat Studies from which instructors may draw resources to integrate material on this topic into their courses.

Fat Studies Resources:

Teaching Fat Studies:  From Conception to Reception

This investigation seeks to identify and describe courses centered on the topic of Fat Studies. The study identifies a total of 10 courses with Fat Studies content and seeks to illustrate the pedagogical practices associated with these courses.  This paper also discusses directions for future research in the teaching of Fat Studies.

Linda Bacon, PhD - Reflections on Fat Acceptance:  Lessons Learned from Privilege

Drawing on her personal experience and observations of internalized oppression and thin privilege, Linda Bacon identifies stumbling blocks to fat acceptance and strategies for personal empowerment and effecting change in others.

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