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Principles of University Teaching

6 Principles of Teaching

Portfolio Process

Action Research

Action research is a systematic progessive process of meaningful investigation to improve an identified problem within one's own teaching practices.  Action Research (pdf)

Classroom Observation Guidelines

Classroom Observation Guidelines.This review of research by Brooke Howland outlines the basic tenets of conducting an effective observation of teaching.  These guidelines coupled with the Six Principles of University Teaching Excellence, are a strong combination in identifying what to look for when observing colleagues teach.  For further guidance contact the CTL.

Fair and Easy Grading Models

Grading Model


Principles of Teaching Essay Guidelines
Graduate Work


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Academic Program and Design Evaluation
Thinking About Thinking: Analyzing Perspectives
Sample Syllabi

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Student Conduct & Community Standards
Academic Dishonesty
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Web and Emerging Technology
Postdoc Survival Guide

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