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“If we’re smart about how to marry the digital with the best of what we do face-to-face, education will move to a new level for everyone.” 

— Diane Oblinger, EDUCAUSE president and CEO, quoted in Harvard Gazette.

Traits of Well-Designed Hybrid Courses


Hybrid Teaching and Learning at OSU

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OSU established the Hybrid Course Development Pilot Program in Fall 2011 as a concerted effort to redesign selected on-campus courses for hybrid delivery.  Through this program, the Center for Teaching and Learning provides instructional design services and facilitation of term-long faculty learning communities composed of small groups of faculty who are engaged in hybrid course redesign. Learn more in the OSU Hybrid FAQs.

Resources For Hybrid Course Development

Key Resources on Effective Practices
Preparing Students for Success in Hybrid Courses
Flipped Learning
Rubrics for High Quality Hybrid/Online Courses
Research on Hybrid/Online Learning
Examples of Hybrid Course Redesign Projects
Peer-Reviewed Journals About Hybrid/Online Learning
Open Educational Resources
Major Organizations Supporting Hybrid/Online Learning
Benefits of Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Planning Forms and Samples

Mix Map Template
Mix Map (docx)
Samples (pdf)
Planning Chart Template
Planning Chart (rtf)
Samples (pdf)
Syllabus Tools
Syllabus Checklist (docx)
Syllabus Template (docx)
Sample Syllabi (pdf)
Course Schedule Template
Course Schedule (rtf)
Sample Schedules (pdf)


Effective Practices for Hybrid Design

effective practices video 1

Part 1 (8:43)

effective practices video 2

Part 2 (6:44)

How to Schedule a Hybrid Course

Step 1: Adding Hybrid as Schedule Type (pdf) Step 2: Registrar's Policy for Hybrid Scheduling (pdf)

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OSU faculty and Ecampus instructional designers write about blended and online teaching and learning.

Each year OSU faculty and Alum accompany hundreds of student intern / ambassadors on international travel expeditions to engage in community service learning opportunities....

WR 330, Understanding Grammar, is a course that leads students through the advanced concepts of grammar. Basically, the course strives to answer: What is it we do as writers,...

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Hybrid Faculty Learning Community
Ecampus Course Development and Training

blackboard template

View a basic Canvas template for a hybrid course. This template illustrates recognized effective practices in instructional design of hybrid courses, and offers guidance for customizing your course. For a zip file of the template that you can import into your OSU Canvas course site, contact Cub Kahn.


Resources for online and hybrid course design and teaching, gathered by OSU Ecampus.

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