Test Scores - TOEFL Alternatives

Undergraduate applicants may submit one of the following acceptable language proficiency measurements to demonstrate language proficiency:

Undergraduate Applicants:

  • IELTS: Minimum score of 6.0
  • IGCSE / GCE English Lit: Minimum grade of C (pass)
  • IB (HL or SL): English A: Minimum score of 5
  • SAT Critical Reasoning: Minimum score of 500
  • ACT English: Minimum score of 21
  • AP English L & C: Minimum score of 3
  • US Community College Minimum 36 quarter transfer credits (must include two English composition courses or one English composition and one speech communication course w/ grades C- or better)
  • INTO OSU Academic English: Completion of Level 6 with recommendation

All scores must be less than two years old as of the start of the term requested.

Revised as of Apr. 13, 2010