Undergraduate Admission Requirements


Undergraduate Entry Requirements

The OSU Office of International handles admissions for all undergraduate students, including for INTO OSU Pathway programs. For students who do not meet requirements for direct entry, Pathway programs are available. For students who need additional English language training before entering a Pathway program, Academic English will be offered followed by conditional admission to the Pathway.

Country-specific Admission Requirements: admission requirements specific to each country are now available. Click here to view them.

  Direct Admission 1-term Accelerated Pathway 2-term Accelerated Pathway 3-term 
Academic Requirements


3.0+ GPA

High school diploma

3.0+ GPA

High school diploma

3.0+ GPA

High school diploma

2.5+ GPA

High school diploma

Language Requirements**


iBT TOEFL (16 subscores)


Level 6
Academic English completion

iBT TOEFL (16 subscores)

IELTS (5.5 subscores)

Level 6
Academic English completion



Level 5
Academic English completion



Level 4
Academic English completion


Password overall

**language scores must be less than two years old as of the start term requested 

English language score waivers for full admission to OSU:

  • SATV (verbal/critical reading) - 500+
  • ACTE (ACT English) - 21+
  • Two English composition courses (Writing 121+) with grades C- or better or one English composition and one Speech Communication course (Communication 111+) with grades C- or better, all from a US university.
  • IGCSE O or A Level English with a grade of C or better (provisional results not accepted)
  • IB Diploma: Language A - Language and Literature (HL) with a minimum score of 5
  • AP English L & C - minimum score of 3

Progressing to OSU Degree Programs
After completing a Pathway program, students who meet all requirements will progress to OSU degree-seeking programs. For progression criteria, click here.

Transitional Admission - Available for direct undergraduate transfer students
Transitional Admission is design to be a bridge for students transferring from another university to OSU. Students will take a combination of intensive English and academic courses. The program takes up to two terms to complete. Academic entry requirements are the same as International Transfer (below). English language requirements are a TOEFL iBT of 70 or an IELTS of 6.0.

International Transfer - from OUTSIDE the US
Transfers from a recognized university OUTSIDE the US must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or equivalent and be eligible to return to the most recent institution attended. Transfer credit details can be found here.

International Transfer - from INSIDE the US
Transfers from a regionally accredited institution INSIDE the US must have a cumulative GPA of 2.25, meet OSU’s Math and Writing requirements for transfer students (if you have earned 36 or more transferrable credits) and be eligible to return to the most recent institution attended. Transfer credit details can be found here.

Postbaccalaureate Admission
For postbacc admission requirements, click here. The college/department you're applying to will make the final admission decision. Applicants must have TOEFL of 80+ (16 subscores) or an IELTS of 6.5. Conditional Admission with low or no TOEFL/IELTS score is not possible. Visit the OSU Postbacc website for more information.

Extended Admission
Students who do not meet the entry requirements for the program to which they're applying can petition for extended admission. After supplying the required documents, the student's admission decision will be reviewed by the university's Undergraduate Admissions Committee for an exception. Click here to view details and requirements.