• Dear Counselors,

    Because we understand the critical role that you play in the decisions of prospective college students, we created this site to provide information and answer many important questions about your student's interest in attending Oregon State. The blog is a place for you to browse but if you ever want to speak to someone about Oregon State, please call or email us using the contact information below.

    We encourage you and your students to visit Corvallis and Oregon State University. It is the best way to learn the most about what any institution has to offer.

    Warm Regards,

    The Office of Admissions

  • 2015 Updates

    September 11th, 2015

    As we begin the new school year and a new round of prospective student admissions, we’d like to provide you with a few updates.

    Visit our counselor site at http://oregonstate.edu/admissions/main/fall-2015-high-school-counselor-updates for updates on:

    – New application fee waiver policy

    – SAT policy in preparation for the new, re-designed SAT

    – Math placement and Smarter Balance assessment policy at OSU

    – Upcoming Counselor Conferences

    – OSU admission deadlines

    – Meet your Admission Advisors

    We look forward to working with you and your students this year. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!


    Noah Buckley
    Director of Admissions
    Oregon State University

    Apply early, apply late

    July 21st, 2015

    The Fall 2016 admissions application is now available for domestic undergraduates. Applying ensures adequate time to pursue scholarships and aid and to explore OSU to see if it is the right fit for you. Getting started on an application also allows you to preview our Insight Resume questions and the University Honors College essay prompt and appropriately prepare your responses.

    Still considering Oregon State University for this fall (Fall 2015)? We are still accepting applications! Applications will close on August 31st.

    Noah Buckley
    Director of Admissions
    Oregon State University

    New Admission Policy and Selection Process

    September 6th, 2013

    Let me take this opportunity to thank you for being a great partner in helping students find their appropriate college destination.  We greatly value your work and, as well, your continued support of Oregon State University.

    Oregon State students enjoy a quality university experience, one that emphasizes research and internships within a vibrant traditional collegiate campus environment.  This quality of student experience has led to a retention rate of 84 percent among OSU freshmen returning for their second year – a retention rate that outpaces most other research institutions of our size.  The quality of the OSU student experience has also resulted in increasingly more students seeking to enroll at Oregon State.  While our enrollment for Fall 2013 is not final, we expect a significant increase in the number of new freshmen enrolling.  While we welcome such strong interest in Oregon State, our goal is to maintain the quality of the student experience offered at Oregon State as we plan for future growth.

    To do so, Oregon State is announcing alterations to its  process for making admission decisions.  Beginning this application cycle, for new freshmen applying for Fall 2014, Oregon State University is implementing a modified process for making admission decisions, including the addition of a wait-list policy.

    Used by many other universities, a wait-listing procedure will allow Oregon State to continue admitting students in accordance with the university’s  goals and mission, but to also have an opportunity to offer admission, as space is available, to some less-qualified applicants that we feel will be successful at Oregon State.. As a result of the changes to our process, most new freshmen will be considered for admission to Oregon State either at the conclusion of our November 1 “Early Notification” round, or following our February 1 “Priority Application” deadline.    More details about the process and deadlines can be found at http://oregonstate.edu/admissions/main/admission-requirements-1. Please see our deadlines below.

    Deadline Type & Term Submit a complete 
    application by…
    of status by…
    Early Notification: Fall  November 1 December 20
    Priority Application: Fall  February 1 March 15

    Oregon State’s commitment to provide an accessible higher education remains unchanged.  Ideally, Oregon State will be able to admit all students who meet our qualifications for admission and no student, who qualified for admission, would need to be placed on the wait-list. Our changes simply provide the control mechanism to ensure that we are responsible in our commitment to the student experience should the demand by students be greater than the university’s freshmen capacity.

    As your partner, each of us in Oregon State University Office of Admissions will do our best to communicate with you and your students how the process will unfold, and provide information and assistance as to what students can do to give themselves the best opportunity to join Beaver Nation.



    Noah Buckley
    Director of Admission
    Oregon State University

    P.S.:  Please be sure to mark your calendars for May 28-30, 2014 for the Pacific Northwest Association for College Admissions Counseling (PNACAC) Conference to be held at Oregon State University!

    20 diverse student journalists gather for High School Journalism Institute 2013

    July 22nd, 2013

    Oregon State University is again hosting the annual High School Journalism Institute at the Corvallis campus.

    Institute participants this year include ethnic minorities, low-income students, students who will be the first in their family to attend university and students achieving through disabilities. Many face multiple disadvantage factors.

    All of the students have voices and backgrounds that are underrepresented in America’s newsrooms. These are students who have overcome some of life’s toughest challenges and hail from families struggling with poverty, health problems, refugee experiences, the criminal justice system and other issues. The stories they have to tell are the exact stories that journalism often fails to adequately cover.


    Below is a list of the participating students:

    • Fernando Aguilar, Glencoe High School, senior
    • Jzalana Bethune-Summers, Madison High School, senior
    • Emiko Bledsoe, Parkrose High School, sophomore
    • Emma Brazell, Crescent Valley High School, junior
    • Karla Castaneda, Parkrose High School, senior
    • Savannah Cha, Parkrose High School, junior
    • Lorena Colcer, Glencoe High School, senior
    • Ilda Eufragio, Parkrose High School, junior
    • Evita Garza, Parkrose High School, junior
    • Cassie Hill, Grant High School, junior
    • Melissa Ingabire, Westview High School, junior
    • Andreea Ioanas, Parkrose High School, sophomore
    • Nargiz Mitalipova, Aloha High School, sophomore
    • Pearl Moon, Reynolds High School, junior
    • Diana Ornelas, Reynolds High School, senior
    • Rachel Sandin, Reynolds High School graduate
    • Hunter Stewart, Grant High School, junior
    • Calli Storrs, Franklin High School, junior
    • Tuyen Ta, Parkrose High School, sophomore
    • Koji Wieber, Grant High School, junior

    Full story at The Oregonian web site.


    Application fee to be $60 beginning this fall

    July 22nd, 2013

    In an effort to keep up with processing costs, the application fee for domestic undergraduate admission will be $60.

    If you have a student that qualifies for our fee deferral, you can find the process for that here.



    Gov. Kitzhaber signs Oregon Tuition Equity Bill (HB 2787) into law. Oregon State prepared to process students for fall term 2013.

    April 2nd, 2013

    With the passage of HB 2787, the Office of Admissions is prepared to assist and process students that believe they qualify for in-state tuition under this bill.  We encourage interested students, parents and high school counselors to visit http://oregonstate.edu/admissions/tuition-equity to learn more about what steps they can take for consideration for fall term 2013 at Oregon State.

    Governor John Kitzhaber:  “The passage of tuition equity is great news for Oregon.  Young people who work hard in our schools deserve equal access to post-secondary education, and House Bill 2787 opens up that opportunity to them. This will help our state capitalize on the investment we’ve made in these students through the K-12 system while giving them their shot at the American dream. I appreciate the hard work of so many Oregonians to make this possible.”



    Tuition Equity (HB 2787)

    March 22nd, 2013

    Yesterday the Oregon Senate voted to pass HB 2787 (known as the Tuition Equity bill). In anticipation of the eventual passage of Oregon House Bill 2787, I want you to know that we have been meeting to iron out the processing implications of this new and exciting legislation. As soon as Governor Kitzhaber signs the bill into law (which is expected), we will send to you specific instructions on how impacted students can proceed.

    If you identify students/families who may need to communicate in Spanish, please have them contact my bilingual staff listed below.

    Victor Zamora (541) 737-3430 direct / (800)291-4192
    Gina Galaviz (541) 737-0963 direct / (800) 291-4192 

    Be sure to check back to this blog to stay abreast of any changes that may come on this issue and others regarding your work.

    -Noah Buckley, Director of Admissions

    Oregon State adds new counseling program for K-12

    November 21st, 2012

    With counselor to student ratios going through the roof in many states, Oregon State announced the addition of a new masters degree in counseling

    Oregon State University is addressing the state’s need for additional K-12 counselors with a new off-campus master’s program in school counseling.

    The new master of science in counseling program – offered by the College of Education and delivered in a flexible online and face-to-face format by Oregon State Ecampus – should help bring comprehensive counseling services to all students, increase college attendance rates among underrepresented populations, and increase student success, said OSU President Ed Ray.

    “As the state’s land-grant university, Oregon State is charged with providing educational opportunities to citizens throughout the state, working with partners across the education continuum,” Ray said. “We produce high-achieving graduates who contribute to a healthy economy, and skilled school counselors are critical partners in efforts to provide enriching services to all Oregon students.”

    Oregon’s K-12 school system posted a student-to-counselor ratio of 553 to 1 during the 2010-11 school year, according to the U.S. Department of Education. That’s the eighth worst ratio in the nation and more than double the rate recommended by the American School Counselor Association….

    To provide schedule flexibility for students, half the instruction will be delivered online and half will be conducted in face-to-face classroom meetings, held on weekends twice a term at Chemeketa Community College in Salem. The program will also encourage science, technology, engineering and mathematics career awareness and concerns.

    “Math is the gatekeeper for students meeting college entrance requirements,” said Eakin, “and if we don’t address the STEM anxiety issues, where will our scientists, mathematicians and engineers come from if we don’t have as many students entering and graduating from college?”

    The program is now accepting students for its 2013 cohort.


    UHC to extend early admission deadline due to Hurricane Sandy

    November 1st, 2012

    For those students affected by Hurricane Sandy, the University Honors College (UHC) is extending their early application deadline. Please contact the UHC to discuss your situation and necessary accommodations.

    If you were impacted by hurricane Sandy and were unable to apply to the UHC by the Nov. 1st early round deadline, please contact our office (541-737-6400 / honors.college@oregonstate.edu) to request an extension to the deadline.



    October 16th, 2012

    Much has been made about the increasing cost of higher education recently, and some have even questioned the value of getting a college degree. At Oregon State, we point to some very tangible things that show not only the value of a college degree, but specifically earning it at Oregon State:

    VALUE: The Fiske Guide to Colleges recently named Oregon State a ‘Best Buy’ school. Fiske has designated 41 such institutions—20 public and 21 private—as Best Buys. All of the Best Buy schools fall into the inexpensive or moderate price category, and most have four- or five-star academics ratings.

    Oregon State is the only Oregon school to make the list

    As the only ‘Best Buy’ school in the State of Oregon, we are showing not only affordability but quality. Along with that, the $140 million in new scholarship funding is helping our students achieve their academic goals. Add to that some 3,000 Oregon residents that benefit from Oregon State University’s ‘Bridge to Success‘ program (which pays full tuition and fees from state, federal and institutional sources), and getting that college degree is within reach.

    EXPERIENCE: As Oregon’s leading public research university (over $281 million in earned research dollars), Oregon State is in the unique position to provide incredible research and internship opportunities for its students. Some 2,000 undergraduate students participate in funded research annually at Oregon State with access to world-class facilities like the Hatfield Marine Science Center, the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory, the Linus Pauling Science Center, Forest Research Laboratory as examples, and research centers such as Center for Latino/Latina Studies and Engagement, the Microproducts Breakthrough Institute and the Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing.

    Another thing: Internships=jobs. At Oregon State, the chance for students to find opportunities and be career-ready once they graduate is everywhere but none more visible than the MECOP/CECOP internship program in the College of Engineering where students have two paid internship opportunities before graduating. All of these experiences at Oregon State lead to….

    RESULTS: A recent study by Payscale.com showed that Oregon State graduates enjoy higher mid-career earnings on average than any other college or university in Oregon. And our graduates exceed national averages on professional certification exams and admission to graduate and professional programs (medical, veterinary, etc.). From the Provost’s Report:

    Performance of OSU students continued to be excellent in professional certification exams:

    Engineering—93 percent on Fundamentals of Engineering exam (national average 79 percent)
    Exercise Science—67 percent on national athletic training association exam (national average 52 percent)
    Nutrition—92 percent on American Dietetic Association exam (national average 82 percent)
    Pharmacy—first time pass rate above 97 percent over the past five years, ranking us among the top 20 percent of all professional programs
    Veterinary Medicine—100 percent on North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (national average 95 percent)
    Accounting—63 percent on Unified Certified Public Accounting exam (national average 41 percent)

    Acceptance rate for pre-medical students from OSU was over 77 percent, with students accepted to Oregon Health and Sciences, University of Southern California, University of Michigan, University of Washington, Dartmouth, University of Wisconsin and others.

    Which brings us to the question of if a college degree is really worth it…Georgetown University recently published a study that showed the rates of unemployment during the most recent economic downturns. The results?

    Jobs that require bachelor’s degrees have been the big winner, increasing by 2.2 million jobs since the recession began. Those jobs that required some college or an associate’s degree declined by 1.8 million in the recession but have regained 1.6 million of those job losses since the recovery began in 2010. At the same time 5.8 million jobs for those with high school or less have been lost since the recession began.

    We encourage you to use these messages about the value of college to your students. While we hope that students find Oregon State a good fit, we want them to know that higher education is worth the investment.