OSU Announces New 3+3 Degree

January 25th, 2012

Oregon State University announced last week its new three plus three degree program that will help cut students’ time in school.

College students can earn undergraduate and law degrees in only six years, under a new ‘three plus three’ program announced Wednesday between Oregon State University and Willamette University College of Law. Under the program, participants will spend three years at OSU in Corvallis, then three years at Willamette’s Salem law school. The program potentially cuts one year out of the time normally needed to earn a law degree.

Students who are interested in this program must apply during their first two years at OSU; the requirements will include specific GPA and test-score prerequisites. This is an exciting new program for students that are interested in earning a law degree. More information should be coming soon as they finalize the details of this program.

– KT


2 responses to “OSU Announces New 3+3 Degree”

  1. Bob Dayton says:

    I attended OSU from 1962-64 and PSU from 1964-65. I then entered Willamette law School under their old program and graduated in a total of 6 years with a BSL and JD. I think this is great to start up again. The 4 years of undergraduate is not necessary for everyone. Most of us in this program did very well in law school and thereafter. Bob Dayton

  2. Jax Station says:

    I really wish the Beavers would offer the 3+3 degree program in their engineering department (specifically Mech,, Industrial & Manufacturing school). I want to change career paths to study nanotechnology but can’t afford 4+ years being back in school. Apparently, nanotechnology engineering is getting big, and you can have a really successful career in it: http://www.bionicme.com/articles/nanotechnology-engineering-degree

    Go Beavers!

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