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January 5th, 2012

Happy New Year from the Admissions office! We hope everyone had a good break. Before winter break all the admissions advisors were on the road traveling and visiting high schools and participating in College Fairs.  Several high school students had the opportunity to go to a presentation or meet with an admissions advisor.  To start of the New Year I wanted to collect some of the most asked questions of the fall season and answer them for anyone who didn’t get a chance to attend a college fair or meet with an OSU Admissions Advisor.  Enjoy!

1. Does OSU offer a Psychology degree?

Yes, it is a nationally top ranked psychology program.  At OSU we pride ourselves on the research that is conducted by students/professors and the psychology program is one that really encourages students to participate in psychology based research.

Psychology Degree Info

2. Does OSU have a Nursing Program?

We do not, However we do offer all the prerequisite courses that a student needs to take before applying to nursing school of your choice.  Our Advisors do a great job of working with students interested in applying to a nursing school and making sure they are on track.

Pre-Nursing FAQ

3. Do I have to live on Campus my first year and where can I live?

OSU does not have a first year student live in requirement, it is a personal choice.  Over 80% of first year students choose to live on campus.  Students who live on campus their first year have a higher GPA and it’s a great environment to meet new people and make lifetime connections.

 Housing Info

4. Are you the Beavers or the Ducks?

Home of the Beavers!

5. What is the weather like in Corvallis?

It does tend to be on the rainy side, I myself am from Eastern Oregon so I am used to dry weather with blazing summers and freezing winters.   I would just suggest investing in a good rain coat and boots.  My favorite season was fall because the temperature was in the 60/70’s and all leaves changing colors was amazing to see all around campus.

6. What is there to do in Corvallis?

There is always something going on at OSU/Corvallis.  There are several events, concerts, games going on year round at OSU.  There are over 300 clubs students can be a part of to become more involved on campus or have something fun to do.  Another great thing about OSU is the location.  We are close to the Coast if you want to have a fun beach weekend with friends and also about 90 minutes from Portland for shopping or enjoy the wonders of a big city. For the students interested in nature there are several hiking, biking, and running trail close by.

About Corvallis

7. Do you prefer the SAT or ACT and what is the required score?

It is up to the student whichever one they decide to take.   If you do decide to take the ACT make sure you also take the writing portion. There is no minimum score to apply however when it comes to scholarships your SAT or ACT test score will be taken into consideration, we encourage students to do the best they can.

OSU Admissions Info

 8. Can I study abroad?

Yes, we have over 200 study abroad programs a student can choose from depending on their major.  We have study abroad counselors who can work with students and help find the right program for you.

Study Abroad Info

9. Do you have WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange)?

For out of state students we do not participate in WUE however we do offer scholarships that are comparable to what WUE would cover.  In order to apply for those you need to have completed your admissions application and turned in all required materials before the February 1st deadline. We also encourage student to look at over avenues for scholarships like around your community,scholarship websites, and filling out your FAFSA.  For online scholarship resources, you should never have to submit your bank account or credit card number, it may be a scam.

 Financial Aid Info

10. Why should I go to OSU?

We are Oregon’s Research institution, we are one of the only two University’s in the U.S. to have all 4 designation grants which are the Land, Sun, Sea , and Space Grant.  What that means for our students is there are several opportunities for students to get involved in research and great hands on education.  At the end of the day it’s a personal choice and the best way to make the decision is to see what OSU has to offer students for yourself by coming and scheduling a campus visit.

 Schedule a Campus Visit



4 responses to “You had the questions, we’ve got the answers”

  1. Larry Byers says:

    My son, Alex Byers, a freshman at your school, sent me a text earlier today saying that I need to sign a promissory note. Is that correct? If so, how. I thought that was already completed. Please help. My cell is 503-997-9715 if required.

    Thanks in advance

    Larry Byers

  2. Gina says:

    Larry, The best office to contact about the Promissory Note is the Financial Aid office. I hope this message finds you. They can be reached at 541.737.2241 or by email at

  3. Do you have distance learning program?And if you have, what are the requirements? Thanks.

    /Kristen B.

  4. Christina says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Thanks for your questions and visiting our blog!

    Yes, OSU does offer online undergraduate, graduate and doctorate degrees. Please click on the link below to find a list and undergraduate program descriptions.

    Also, the admission requirements are the same for online (eCampus) and campus based students. Below is a link to our main admissions page for more information.

    If you have more questions about OSU’s online programs, please feel free to contact eCampus via phone 800-667-1465 or email


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