Hiring the Best and the Brightest

December 9th, 2011

OSU Faculty

OSU Faculty

We are excited to share that this year OSU has hired 80 faculty members that are the best and brightest.   They are coming from all over the nation and internationally from notable institutions.  The new tenure track faculty members have experience at prestigious universities and big impact companies.  Here’s the full story:

 The rapid growth and development of Oregon State University has prompted the need for more classroom instruction and leadership in its labs, and OSU is meeting those needs this year through the hiring of 80 new faculty members from some of the world’s best-known institutions.

The new professors come from such campuses as Harvard, the London School of Economics, Yale, Brown, MIT, Cornell, London’s Imperial College, Stanford, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Florida, Minnesota, UCLA, the University of California-Berkeley and the UC system and West Point.

Other new faculty members are from prestigious non-university settings, including NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and more.

OSU leaders say the new hires, which were announced on campus yesterday, are essential for a growing land grant university committed to helping the state meet higher educational goals that many say are critical to Oregon’s future economic success.

“Oregon’s new 40-40-20 law seeks to ensure that 40 percent of the state’s adult population has earned a bachelor’s degree or more, 40 percent at least an associate’s degree, and 20 percent at least a high school diploma,” said Oregon State President Edward J. Ray. “To the degree that OSU and other campuses help achieve those goals, Oregon will be prepared to compete in the global marketplace of tomorrow, with a highly educated workforce supporting this state’s companies and industries.

“Our new faculty will enable OSU to make greater contributions in this area, and further extend OSU’s research and service missions,” Ray added, “and we’re very proud to have them all here.”

In service of those goals, Oregon State is already home to more Oregon freshmen than any other university, and its record enrollments totaling 25,500 for the main campus in Corvallis and OSU-Cascades in Bend trail only Portland State University in overall headcount.

OSU is also home to the lion’s share of Oregon’s “high achievers” – valedictorians, salutatorians and other top performers from state high schools – and is Oregon’s only university to hold the prestigious Carnegie Foundation’s top ranking for the nation’s most successful research universities and its designation for exemplary “community engagement.” The new faculty members come from institutions with similar claims to quality and success, and will make substantial contributions as teachers, researchers and scholars.

The faculty span 10 colleges and are further notable for their international diversity, with some originally from or having been recently employed in Korea, China, India, the Netherlands, Afghanistan, Great Britain, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Chile, Switzerland, Romania and Puerto Rico. Twenty-five of the hires are women.

Click here to read the impressive bios of our new faculty.

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