A Journey Though Culture and Food

March 1st, 2010

As a college student cheap food becomes a necessity, so when the UHDS, University Housing and Dining Services, offered a meal for $8.00 some of floor mates and myself were a little wary. Yet, the only way to learn is through experience, so we all bought the tickets and hoped for the best. Before entering McNary, the groovy twang of a bass guitar could be heard causing us all to get excited for our dinner. Walking through the doors we were greeted by cocktail tables adorned in red and black. The walls and the normal tables were similarly covered, while a blues band, not a DJ, was playing southern style music. As we walked over to get our plates and food we all couldn’t help but feel that the eight dollars was money well spent.
Ribs. That was the first thing we all saw and the first thing we went for. After the ribs were loaded onto our plates we scattered. Cajun catfish, southern fried chickens, rice, red beams, and beef brisket all made their way to my plate. We all left with heaping plates and headed over to the largest table we could find and at just the right distance from the music. As we settled we dug in with such ferocity it would seem that we had not eaten in weeks. There was no conversation as we ate like there was no tomorrow simply enjoying the tastes of the food and the blues music.
As we finished out entrees we moved on to the dessert table and heaped ice cream with fried bananas, chocolate brownies, and sweet potatoes pie. As our plates became empty once again conversation began ranging from the delicious food to the amazing music. Eventually we became too drowsy to talk and decided it was time to retire to our rooms and digest. After such a meal we all hoped for meals like this and the UHDS has assured me that there will be other amazing dinners soon and I, for one, am looking forward to another amazing eight dollar meal.

2 responses to “A Journey Though Culture and Food”

  1. Linda says:

    It sure is great to spend if the quality you receive is equal to what you spend. It is really nice to splurge for food.

  2. Terrence says:

    I agreed with Linda, but it isn’t like that for most cases. Nutrition is very important and essential for students. It sounds affordable price, $8 per meal…

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