Marching Band Civil War

December 3rd, 2009

It’s spreading. It is in the air you breath and the water you drink. All the way south to the border and as far north as Portland. No this is not a swine flu warning though some may call this a sickness.

During dead week this year the students of OSU and UO will be given a chance to take a break from their studies and watch what is shaping up to be an amazing football game. Though throughout the years the civil war football game has evolved into something that the founders of our school could never have imagined. These days there is a OSU, UO energy competition, blood drive competition, and my personal favorite marching band flag football. While the blood drive and the energy competition may be exciting, any pictures taken will not be, so for now I will be focusing on the flag football game.

Before I begin let me put all of my reader’s worries to rest and say that, yes, the OSUMB, Oregon State University Marching Band, did in fact beat the UOMB with a final score of 45 to 6. While the game itself may seem lame and immature to all of the die hard football fans out there let it be known that the band members are the ones who are at EVERY game and who, whether by choice or not, are the ones who make the most noise. They practice at least nine hours every week and all they ask for is a little support when they get a chance to play the field. Now before you think the rest of this blog is a guilt trip waiting to happen just stop and keep reading and hopefully, I will not have to guilt you into coming to next years game.

The 30 or so band kids that get to play in the game sport their respective team colors and bright yellow flags that manage to flutter out of the way right before being tagged, much to the anger of the UOMB. With shouts of encouragement from their team mates and the 100 or so fans in the stadium the players take the field. As the game continues on it is quickly apparent that there may in fact be a Jacquizz Rogers of the OSUMB. Nick Hardona, who played QB, was seen quite often running the ball down field or catching some amazing passes and scoring just as often as he was passing. With his skill he was able to dominate the field and score several times for the Beavers. Though of course there is not Nick in team and there were several other amazing players were seen scoring a few touchdowns of their own.

Besides the amazing win the best part of the game was all of the new cheers that I was learning. Apparently being on the band allows you to learn several cheers that the other non band members did not know or even understand. Yet the words of the cheers were irrelevant as the only thing that mattered was the meaning behind the words. Which, not to surprisingly enough, boiled down to GO BEAVS and BOO DUCKS. These key phrases are the underlying points of this month of competitions. Raising school spirit, and having a great time doing it, is all that the band kids wanted and achieved last Tuesday. And so with the civil war game in about seven hours school spirit around OSU could not be any higher. Let’s just hope that our football team will follow our band’s example and crush the ducks.


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