OSU students exercise their ‘power’

February 17th, 2009

In a great article in the Oregonian, OSU students that work out on specially retro-fitted elliptical machines are returning electricity to the campus power grid. Is there any question that Oregon State University is leading the way in sustainability??? (the answer is ‘no’ BTW)

Some article snips:

Thousands of college students regularly hit the cardio exercise machines to work off stress after an exam or stay in shape. Oregon State University is harnessing the energy the machines can generate and converting it to electricity to feed back into the power grid.

It is among the first universities in the United States to do so…

In 2007, OSU students voted to tax themselves $8.50 per student per term to purchase renewable energy for the campus. Since then, about three-quarters of the university’s electricity has come from renewable production.

“OSU students have demonstrated how big student power can be on campus,” said Matthew Pennington, chief of staff for the Associated Students of Oregon State University. “It was a grass roots movement that helped OSU turn green and this project moves it forward even farther.”….

“A battery-free system like this, tied to the grid, is quite rare,” Trelstad said. “In fact, we’re informed by ReRev which has done extensive market research that this is the largest installation of its kind in the world.”


9 responses to “OSU students exercise their ‘power’”

  1. Russell says:

    this is FANTASTIC…
    I cant wait till everybody starts doing little things like this..
    we can start to turn this thing around..
    Thank You OSU..
    Keep up the good ‘green’ work.. 😀

  2. Zakaria says:

    That’s a great work. Every student should do that.

  3. Patricia says:

    Congratulations to the OSU student initiative to improve themselves and their environment. Just imagine what one campus can do, and if others followed suit, what could be accomplished.

    The children really are our future…and they’re doing something about it…for all of us!

  4. It is a good ideea . Sorry folks… I will try to implement this excelent initiative in my dady’s private college. You shoul put a patent or brand this kind of ideeas.
    Thanks a lot.

  5. Go OSU! This program shows the “power” of thinking big and outside of the box. I commend the students for not only riding these special bikes but for voting to tax themselves for renewable energy. Stories like this make me think we can actually solve our energy problems with some elbow grease and creative thinking. Thanks!

  6. It is really creative to use a fitness equipment (elliptical) to generate power. Everyone else are using power to run their equipment. Really great thing.

    OSU students are so generous to tax themselves for green energy. You guys are really great.

  7. Who says:

    very nice idea.I hope one day i make it to this university.

  8. Bronchitis says:

    This is a great initiative by the Oregon State University. It cam help the students to work off the exam stress.

  9. iva says:

    dont get me wrong, this is obviously better than nothing clearly it is.

    but plllllease, we dont need the drum rolls and fanfare over because $8.50 per student per term has been raised.

    its hardly going to create student debts or bankruptcy is it?

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