Application Deadline Question–Follow Up

September 9th, 2008

We received a good question from Lisa in the comment section of our post regarding the Application for fall 2009 at OSU:

OSU’s regular application deadline is listed as Sept. 1st on and I suspect that it may be a type-o. My daughter is looking into OSU for Fall 2009. Can you also explain the difference between priority and regular applications? Thanks.

Lisa brings up a good question. Our actual final application deadline is September 1st before the fall term begins. So, for students wishing to enter the university for fall of 2009, the final deadline for admission is Sept. 1, 2009.

The second part of Lisa’s question deals with the “priority deadline”. Our priority deadline is for scholarship consideration. This year’s priority deadline is February 1st. To put it more direct terms: if a student applying for fall 2009 wishes to be considered for university scholarships, she would need to apply by February 1st 2009.

To reiterate some previous knowledge: the application for admission for fall 2009 is currently available online only. We will begin sending out admission decisions September 15th.

Hope this helps, Lisa! Give us a call: 1.800.291.4192 if you have any other questions.

Happy applying!


5 responses to “Application Deadline Question–Follow Up”

  1. Amy says:

    Do you have an early admission/early decision deadline?

  2. James says:


    Good question! We only have a priority deadline for scholarship consideration which is February 1st. Does this help? If you have further questions, please call us: 1.800.291.4192.

  3. Jordans says:

    My sister applied, which is why i’m checking out resources for her. OSU Beavers all the way!

  4. Edmund says:

    This is exciting. Can’t wait for the fall to come.

  5. Abubakari A Al-husein says:

    I would be very greateful if could kindly admit me into any of the renow univerties with scholorship.i hop here from you soon.

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