Track and Field to Return to OSU

July 22nd, 2008

I read some great news that will no doubt excite track and field enthusiasts. The Oregon State University Beavers are set to bring back the sport over twenty years after it was cut for budgetary reasons in 1988. According to the Daily Barometer, “OSU will build a track and field facility that is expected to be available for use in 2010. Along with the new track facility, there are plans for the expansion of the women’s track and field program as well as the eventual reintroduction of the men’s program. The facility will be located next to the softball field on Western Boulevard. The initial facility will hold seating for 1,500 and will also hold large areas for spectators to stand during events.”

OSU has a long-history with a successful track and field program. The men’s teams won the NCAA championship in 1961. Also Richard “Dick” Fosbury (men’s track and field, 1968-70) revolutionized the event of high jumping, with his back-first style. “The Fosbury Flop” helped him win an Olympic gold medal while still in college, and he won two NCAA Championships in the event for Oregon State. Fosbury is currently serving as the World Olympians Association President.

5 responses to “Track and Field to Return to OSU”

  1. Brad Petersen says:

    The 1961 championship was in mens Cross Country, not track and field.

  2. Colby Whitaker says:

    I can’t wait to bring out my javelin.

  3. Chris M says:

    Do you know who the coach is going to be i would really like to talk to him about helping him get his pole vaulting program plans?

  4. Jay W. says:

    Do you know who the Pole Vault coach is and what the plans are regarding poles, pitt, and standards?

  5. Marvin Johnson says:

    Ok now Im just as happy as the next guy or gal when I heard the mens track team is coming back this year, but I am concerned about some if the atheletes Oregon State are going after like Deandre Lawrence, he won district and never even placed in state, and received a full ride scholarship from their atheletics program, How about Gresham High School Mitchell Strong, great great 100m runner but lacks stamina fastest start then dies half way through the race, Curtis Calloway 24’7 long jumper but what else can he do wait 6’8 high jumper I know kids in high school jumping that hello anyone ever heard of Billy Butler 7’3 where is he, OSU needs work to much to blog about

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