Spring Visit Programs Come to a Close

April 14th, 2008


For the past three Fridays, the Office of Admissions has held Spring Visit programs in the Memorial Union. These three programs have seen over 2500 visitors from around the nation come through the doors of the MU to learn more about the university. The February event at LaSells Stewart Center had around 500 guests. That’s a record number, by the way, and nearly double the amount of guests over last year’s spring programs! It made for some pretty crammed quarters, but the more the merrier, right?

Lizbeth Campos, Claire Bennett and I have to give a shout-out to Deb Mott and the outstanding MU staff for their assistance and their “how do we get them pillows?” philosophy when talking about guests of the MU. It’s no doubt due to the MU staff and student workers why it’s the number one ranked student union in America.

Green grass of the MU Quad

In addition, we’d like the thank the following people who have made the Spring Visit programs a success. We appreciate your help and assistance. Our apologies to anyone who we may have inadvertently left off this comprehensive list!

Angela Austin Haney, Alex Beck, Megan Beresford, Edie Blakley, Becca Blum, Crystal Cooper, Carrie Coplan, Dan Crouch, Judy Dahlem, Ryan Dixon, Ben Fisher, Cindy Franklin, Kathy Fultz, Josh Gana, Cary Green, Major Hagorman, Eric Hansen, Lorien Hawkins, Katie Heidt, Dante Holloway, Polly Jeneva, Brett Jeter, Machelle Kennedy, Nicole Kent, Bob Kerr, Kerry Kincanon, Kent Kuo, Rebekah Lancelin, Kathryn Magura, Lt. Chris Martin, Mary Ann Matzke, Leslee Mayers, Brett McFarlane, Brenden McLean, James Miller, Ellen Momsen, Deb Mott, Sandy Neubaum, Gene Newburgh, Alicia Ortega, Mickey Reynolds, Brenda Sallee, Michele Sandlin, Tristan Shay, John Snyder, Wendy Starker, Eric Stoller, Renee Stowell, Justin Strohmeyer, Luke Sugie, Alison Tanaka, Carl Thomas, Clay Torset, Brad Townsend, Blake Vawter, Jennifer Vina, Dr. Alvin Wang, and Kris Winter

Austin Entrepreneurship Program Ambassadors
Housing Tour Guides
Student/Academic Ambassador Groups
Student Workers and Volunteers
Team Of Undergraduate Recruiters (TOUR)

If you’re a student and missed out on the fun, you can still arrange a daily visitation to campus
. Also, I’ve posted some photos from the events taken by Dan Crouch.






One response to “Spring Visit Programs Come to a Close”

  1. Ismail shihadi says:

    number 1 student union in america huh ?? never knew that 🙂

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