OSU Nights wrapping up soon

February 22nd, 2007

Just returning from the Boise OSU Night and wanted to say thank you to the room full of students and parents that attended the dinner last night. There were lots of great questions and one on one discussions at the conclusion of the program.

The last few OSU Night events will be wrapped up soon with the Hawaii OSU Night in April being the last event. Just a reminder to those that attended:

1. File your FAFSA online by 9pm (Pacific Standard Time) on February 28, 2007 to be considered an ‘on time’ applicant for financial aid.
2. Submit your Advance Tuition Deposit (ATD) paperwork and the $200 deposit online. Click here for ATD payment instructions.
3. Come visit OSU if you haven’t already.

OSU Nights for applicants/admitted students


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