Financial Aid Day in Oregon

January 8th, 2007


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On Saturday, January 20th, Oregon will coordinate the first statewide effort to help students and families complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the required application for most need-based federal, state and campus-based financial aid. A team of trained volunteers, including financial aid professionals from colleges all over Oregon, will provide assistance and support in person. Students and families may drop in between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to receive help filling out the worksheet and submitting the FAFSA online. Many locations will have bilingual volunteers to help reach underserved populations in our state. This year’s sites are:

Central Oregon Community College
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Columbia Gorge Community College, Hood River
Columbia Gorge Community College, The Dalles
Eastern Oregon University
Klamath Community College
Lane Community College
Portland Community College, Cascade Portland Community College, Rock Creek
Portland Community College, SE Center
Portland Community College, Sylvania
Rogue Community College, Redwood
Rogue Community College, Riverside
Southwestern Oregon Community College
Tillamook Bay Community College

For more information, call 800-452-8807 ext 7395 or visit

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15 responses to “Financial Aid Day in Oregon”

  1. Adam Habit says:

    Is getcollegefunds a non-commercial site?

  2. Blake says:

    Get College Funds is sponsored by the Oregon Student Assistance Commission. It is a non-commercial site.

  3. Sue says:

    “A team of trained volunteers, including financial aid professionals from colleges all over Oregon, will provide assistance and support in person.”

    That is a nice gesture on everybody’s part – keep it up.

  4. V. Hartz says:

    can anyone tell me if there is a financial aid system for students in US like the BAföG system in germany or something as this?
    Thanks Victor

  5. If I understood what that said I might be able to answer that question 🙂

  6. Thomas says:

    In the USA there´s nothing like the german BAföG System. The most important is the Pell scholarship. This covers depending upon University of 9-23% of the costs. By all costs in the USA in approximately 25% by scholarships are covered. The fees are very different and depend also on whether a student comes from the respective Federal State (with staatl. Universities) or not and above all of it whether it concerns a national or a purely private university. They lie between 6000 and 30,000 USD.

  7. Kreditkarten says:

    As well as in the US also studentes in Germany will have to take care for their financial aid during their studies. They have to work next to their college or university efforts or try to receive a kredit via scolarship of an industry company or else.

  8. Well,in germany it’s way harder to get a scholarship or something like that since we don’t have that many institutes or private “investors”.

  9. Tagesgeld says:

    Well – that´s not true. Here in germany we _do_ have lot´s of institutes providing scholarships. Problem is: they have high borders for students to receive a scholarship.

  10. So high aren´t the borders in Germany. I received a scholar and it was really easy.

  11. Test says:

    But you have to pay back about the half from the Bafög you got when you are in job I think.

    So it`s not always totally a precent, but of course even a little subsidy is great.

  12. No, you have to pay pack half of Bafög after studying in order to get better rates.

  13. But in the U.S. there is nothing similar to the German Bafög.

  14. Oregan is wonderfull 😉

  15. Love Oregon. Just a great place to be!

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