OSU Students Assist Habitat for Humanity during Spring Break

April 4th, 2006

OSU students work for Habitat for Humanity over Spring Break

18 Oregon State University students traveled to the East Bay area near San Francisco, California to work with the East Bay Habitat for Humanity’s Collegiate Challenge over Spring Break.

OSU students were highlighted in an East Bay news story including an mp3 clip of Danya Rumore, one of the students involved in the project.

Of the project, Dean of Students Jackie Balzer had this to say, “By day we were sweating doing service and by night we were playing games, watching movies and cooking for ourselves,� Balzer said. “I used a miter saw, I used all sorts of power tools and climbed on scaffolding.�

“I work with students every day, but I don’t do the 24/7 very often. It was certainly a highlight of my career.� (both quotes courtesy of The Barometer)

One response to “OSU Students Assist Habitat for Humanity during Spring Break”

  1. This is very worthwhile project for student participation.

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