Terra – OSU’s Research Magazine

February 28th, 2006

Terra, a new research-oriented magazine published by OSU, will be launched this week. Inside the cover is the question, “Why Terra?”

“As a land-grant university, OSU has long focused on the Earth and its resources: oceans, forests, farm fields, watersheds and ecosystems. These are the stages for the evolving human story. On them, we play out the full range of endeavors, from engineering and science to the arts, professions and humanities. Today, OSU researchers are writing new chapters, expanding their explorations with new technologies, creating benefits for society and life-changing opportunities for students. Terra—Latin for Earth—will be a window on their activities.” -Nick Houtman, Editor

I got an advance copy of the magazine and am really impressed. It highlights research that is new or on going at the university. As a read, it falls between a news release and a scientific journal providing more depth of detail without requiring the reader to be a rocket scientist to understand it (though I would say that future issues will probably involve actual rocket scientists). It also has a plethora of photos for those of us that are more visual learners.

Terra will be available on the web at: http://oregonstate.edu/terra. Issues of the magazine will be produced three times a year.


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