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Versification maintains an unmoderated mailing list for discussions about all aspects of literary prosody. The process for subscribing, unsubscribing, and editing your mailing list options has changed.

Subscribing to the Versification mailing list

Unsubscribe or Edit Options

To unsubscribe or edit your subscription options, you need to go to the list's information page: <>. Once you are at the listinfo page for your list, fill in your email address next to the "Unsubscribe or edit options" box and click on the box.

Post a Message to The List

Post messages to the following address: <>. There are a few general guidelines that should be followed when posting messages to a mailing list. For more information, go to Etiquette Guidelines for Posting Messages.

Access The List's Message Archives

The mailing list has its messages automatically archived. This can be useful for newcomers who want to catch up with the discussion, or for posting and archiving FAQs. To access the archives, go to the list's information page: <>. From there, follow the link to the list's archives.

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This page updated March 4, 2004