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How to Submit

Those who wish to submit papers, book reviews or colloquia discussions to Versification should carefully observe the following guidelines.

Guidelines for Submissions

  1. Attach a 250-word abstract with keywords to every paper. Keywords only are required for book reviews, and neither for colloquia contributions.
  2. Follow the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, Sixth Edition, in matters of style. Deviations from the MLA Handbook are perfectly acceptable if justified by content or special formatting needs.
  3. Use endnotes not footnotes, and keep them to the bare minimum.
  4. Translate all passages from a foreign language and any unfamiliar words or phrases.
  5. Avoid jargon, no matter how fashionable, and define any nonstandard semantic usages of common words.
  6. Avoid long direct quotations (over three lines) in the body of the paper unless absolutely necessary for your argument.
  7. Write as much as you need to state your case, but no more. Versification has no limits on length other than those dictated by economy of presentation and concision of statement.
  8. Provide any key background information necessary for understanding your paper, since Versification is read not only by prosodists but literary scholars, students, critics, writers and poets from many different fields.

Where to Send Submissions


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This page updated October 28, 2005