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Prosody, broadly defined, is the study of how languages organize sound and the ways in which sound interacts with meaning. It is an ancient field that began with the study of poetry, but in the last several hundred years has expanded to include many other areas of study as well, such as linguistics, phonetics, artificial intelligence and anthropology.

Literary prosody--the oldest branch of prosodic study--has in recent years been experiencing a renaissance after a period of relative neglect. Versification aims both to encourage and participate in that renaissance by providing an interdisciplinary forum where scholars, students, critics, writers and artists from many different fields can explore the role that sound plays in poetry. Our aim is to study both the works of art which poets make out of language and the language out of which they make such works.

We invite all those interested in questions of language and art to join us in our attempts to understand poetry, language, and poetic language. We encourage submissions and informal discussion on a wide range of topics, focusing on poetries from classical to contemporary, and drawing on diverse approaches to the subject.

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