Carpenter Lecture

Established in 2004, the Charles E. Carpenter Lecture and Conference Endowment supports advances professional development for community college leaders. Held each spring on the Oregon State University campus, the Carpenter Lecture features a nationally known speaker on a topic of importance to community colleges. In addition to current students in the community college leadership doctoral program, attendees include northwest community college leaders and members of the OSU community. Moving into its ninth year, the Carpenter Event has become a premier professional development event for community college leaders and has significantly advanced Oregon State University’s work in community college leadership.

Eleventh Annual Carpenter Lecture

March 6, 2015
5:00 p.m.
Kearney Hall 112

Jamie Callahan, Professor, Drexel University

Jamie L. Callahan, Professor, Drexel University
Reconceptualizing Incivility in the Workplace

Jamie Callahan is Professor of Human Resource Development in the School of Education at Drexel University.  She has held multiple leadership positions in the Academy of Human Resource Develpment to include having served two terms as a member of the Borad of Directors.  She served as the Editor of Human Resrouce Develpment Review, the leading publication for advancing theory within the field of HRD.

Her research agenda has three streams:  leadership, sociological explorations of emotions occuring in organizational contexts and contextual issues confronting organisations such as organizational learning, orgizational culture and communities of practive.  She applies a critical theory perspective to the exploration of these issues.


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