University Exploratory Studies Program (UESP) is the academic home for students who have chosen to explore their options prior to deciding on a major. UESP is very similar to OSU's academic colleges in that we provide academic support to assure that our students are making satisfactory progress toward a degree. We offer a comprehensive range of services to help students make informed decisions about their academic coursework and potential majors they're considering.

Registration Troubleshooting

Having trouble with registration for your Fall 2016 classes?  Click the Help! image below to see our Registration Troubleshooting Checklist:


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Current UESP Students: if you have yet to schedule your advising appointment, don't wait - stop by 102 Waldo or call 541-737-8144  to schedule your mandatory 30-minute advising appointment.  You know that we get booked out very quickly, so call or stop by now to ensure that you get an appointment before your priority registration date. Please note that we cannot schedule appointments by email.

First-year students are sometimes surprised that registration for fall for returning students happens in late May and early June.  You get priority registration over incoming new and transfer students this summer. Take advantage of it!

A few things to note about this term’s appointment:


  • Welcome Spirit Brooks!  A reminder from our email last week, Jeff Malone has taken on additional responsibilities at the institutional level, so if you have worked with him in the past, you’ll now likely be working with Spirit.


  • Arrive early -- When you schedule your appointment, you’ll be encouraged to do so at a time when you can arrive 10 minutes early.  Like last term, we’ll have you complete an online intake form when you arrive for your appointment.  The extra 10 minutes give you enough time to complete the form


  • Pre-Planning is important -- Pre-Planning is important -- Remember that you have access to your MyDegrees Planner and you have access to Scheduler.  Feel free to use these resources to store your ideas.  Please note with MyDegrees– some of you may have locked plans.  If that is the case, just create a new plan and call it “My UESP Plan”.  If you prefer paper, that’s cool.  Bring your notes with you.  If we see evidence that you’ve done some pre-planning, that will get you a raffle ticket for a $50 gift card to the OSU Beaver Store.


  • What if I’m not sure about attending fall term?  -- Sometimes students tell us that they’re not 100% sure they are returning for the next year and wonder if they should come in for advising.  We encourage you to come in for advising regardless of your plans.  It is easier to register at OSU and then drop you classes in the summer if you decide not to attend OSU than it is to wait.  Also, if you're certain you’re transferring, it doesn't hurt to check in and make sure you’re ready to make a transition.


  • Preparing for the appointment -In preparation for your upcoming appointment, be prepared to reflect on and talk about the things that you’ve done and the things that you want to do in terms of your exploration process.  Run a What If scenario in MyDegrees for a major or majors you are exploring.  Print it out or save it as a PDF and bring it to show us what direction(s) you’ve been considering.  Also think about your outside of the classroom experiences and what types of those experiences (study abroad, leadership, research, etc.) you want to pursue next year.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Are you a new first-year student starting with UESP in fall 2016? 

Check out EXPLORE, our new Living-Learning Community

EXPLORE, the UESP Living-Learning Community

Declared, but thinking about a change in direction?

It is a very common experience for students to realize that their initial major choice is not the right fit.  If that is your experience, don't panic!  UESP is here to help you figure out which major direction at OSU is right for you.  You're welcome to switch to UESP or even just consult with one of our advisors.  Either way just requires that you make an appointment.  Call our office at 541-737-8144 or stop by 102 Waldo Hall to schedule one.

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Zero to Success in 77 Days

Looking to add structure to your approach to your academics?  Consider using Zero to Success in 77 Days, a week-by-week academic to do list established by OSU advisors.

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