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  • Google Earth map of Logan’s journey, c/o Pat Mitchell

    Posted December 12th, 2008 by

    Logan’s father, Pat, sent us this Google Earth map of Logan’s travels (We added the white lines between the arrows). Logan sent Pat his GPS coordinates on the ice sheet, and Pat fired up Google Earth to create the map – it gives some spatial perspective to Logan’s journey, which, in Pat’s words, “is further [...]

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    At McMurdo Station, Antarctica…how old is the food here?

    Posted December 1st, 2008 by

    Date: 12-1-2008
    Location: McMurdo Station, Antarctica
    Time: 11pm
    Latitude: 77°50′46.42″S
    Longitude: 166°39′59.78″E
    Elevation: 34m (112’)
    Temperature: -8 °C ( °F)
    Wind speed: 7-12 knots km/h ( mp/h)
    Wind Chill: -12 °C (°F)
    Visibility: unrestricted
    Clouds: partly cloudy
    Breakfast: Eggs & potatoes
    Lunch: Sandwiches
    Supper: Chili & roast beef & kiwi
    We have been quite busy all day today getting gear together & running errands. It was really nice that [...]

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