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Viruses associated with coral epidemic of “white plague” | News and ...
Sep 12, 2013 ... CORVALLIS, Ore. – They call it the “white plague,” and like its black counterpart
from the Middle Ages, it conjures up visions of catastrophic death, with a cause
that was at first uncertain even as it led to widespread destruction – on marine
corals in the Caribbean Sea. Now one of the possible causes of this ...
http://oregonstate.edu/ua/ncs/archives/2013/sep/viruses-associated-coral-epidemic-%25E2%2580%259Cwhite-plague%25E2%2580%259D - 41k
OSU Dads and Moms weekends become Family Weekends | News ...
Oct 14, 2016 ... CORVALLIS, Ore. – The Oregon State University Program Council has changed
the name of Dads and Moms Weekend to Fall and Spring Family Weekend,
respectively. With the change in name for the weekend, the Program Council
hopes to expand the reach and scope of the weekends to be more ...
http://oregonstate.edu/ua/ncs/archives/2016/oct/osu-dads-and-moms-weekends-become-family-weekends - 40k
Swiss needle cast disease intensifies in the Oregon Coast Range ...
Aug 19, 2016 ... CORVALLIS, Ore. — Over the last decade, a fungal disease known as Swiss
needle cast has intensified within the Douglas-fir forests of the Oregon Coast
Range, according to the most recent scientific surveys. Results from aerial
analyses in 2015 indicate a slight expansion, 0.6 percent, in the affected area ...
http://oregonstate.edu/ua/ncs/archives/2016/aug/swiss-needle-cast-disease-intensifies-oregon-coast-range - 45k
OSU announces location for new marine studies building in Newport ...
Aug 4, 2016 ... CORVALLIS, Ore. – Oregon State University President Edward J. Ray
announced today that a new $50 million center for global marine studies
research and education will be built at OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center in
Newport. The 100,000-square-foot facility is an integral part of OSU's ambitious ...
http://oregonstate.edu/ua/ncs/archives/2016/aug/osu-announces-location-new-marine-studies-building-newport - 113k
Broadway singer among six OSU alumni to be honored at gala dinner
Oct 15, 2012 ... CORVALLIS, Ore. – Six distinguished graduates, including a Broadway
performer who will give a free afternoon performance on campus, will gather at
Oregon State University Oct. 19-20 to be honored by the OSU Alumni Association
. The honorees – five alumni fellows and one notable young alumna – will ...
http://oregonstate.edu/ua/ncs/archives/2012/oct/broadway-singer-among-six-osu-alumni-be-honored-gala-dinner - 41k
Historic Corvallis newspapers now available online | News and ...
Jan 11, 2016 ... Corvallis newspapers from a 46-year period more than a century ago can now be
accessed online, for free. A collaborative effort of Oregon State University's
Libraries and Press, the Benton County Historical Society and Museum, and the
University of Oregon's Knight Library has digitized Corvallis ...
http://oregonstate.edu/ua/ncs/archives/2016/jan/historic-corvallis-newspapers-now-available-online - 41k
Technology to monitor bird sounds, impacts of environmental change
May 31, 2012 ... CORVALLIS, Ore. – Researchers at Oregon State University have created a new
computer technology to listen to multiple bird sounds at one time, to identify
which species are present and how they may be changing as a result of habitat
loss or climate change. The system, one of the first of its type, should ...
http://oregonstate.edu/ua/ncs/archives/2012/may/technology-monitor-bird-sounds-impacts-environmental-change - 38k
Hatfield Marine Science Center unveils new live OctoCam | News ...
Jun 7, 2010 ... NEWPORT – An iconic celebrity of the central Oregon coast is ready to writhe
and wiggle his way onto a computer screen near you. Oregon State University's
Hatfield Marine Science Center this week unveiled its new OctoCam, streaming
live video of the visitor center's resident giant Pacific octopus to the ...
http://oregonstate.edu/ua/ncs/archives/2010/jun/hatfield-marine-science-center-unveils-new-live-octocam - 40k
Genetics of cervical cancer raise concern about antiviral therapy in ...
Jun 19, 2013 ... CORVALLIS, Ore. – A new understanding of the genetic process that can lead to
cervical cancer may help improve diagnosis of potentially dangerous lesions for
some women, and also raises a warning flag about the use of anti-viral therapies
in certain cases – suggesting they could actually trigger the ...
http://oregonstate.edu/ua/ncs/archives/2013/jun/genetics-cervical-cancer-raise-concern-about-antiviral-therapy-some-cases - 40k
Nanotube technology leading to fast, lower-cost medical diagnostics ...
Mar 8, 2012 ... CORVALLIS, Ore. – Researchers at Oregon State University have tapped into the
extraordinary power of carbon “nanotubes” to increase the speed of biological
sensors, a technology that might one day allow a doctor to routinely perform lab
tests in minutes, speeding diagnosis and treatment while ...
http://oregonstate.edu/ua/ncs/archives/2012/mar/nanotube-technology-leading-fast-lower-cost-medical-diagnostics - 39k
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