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News and Research Communications writers cover OSU's colleges, centers and institutes. We work closely with the university's administrators, deans, faculty, staff and students to identify news and feature stories to be communicated to the news media. You are encouraged to contact NRC at 541-737-4611. Meet the team here.

Dave Stauth
News Editor, News and Research Communications
541-737-4611; david.stauth@oregonstate.edu

Academic Areas:

Coverage AreaNamePhone Number
Agricultural Sciences Gail Wells or Kym Pokorny 541-737-1386 or 541-737-3380
Business Michelle Klampe 541-737-0784
Education Michelle Klampe 541-737-0784
Engineering Dave Stauth 541-737-0787
Extension/Experiment Stations Gail Wells or Kym Pokorny 541-737-1386 or 541-737-3380
Forestry Nick Houtman 541-737-0783
Hatfield Marine Science Center Mark Floyd 541-737-0788
Public Health and Human Sciences Michelle Klampe 541-737-0784
Information Systems Dave Stauth 541-737-0787
Liberal Arts Michelle Klampe 541-737-0784
Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Mark Floyd 541-737-0788
Pharmacy Dave Stauth 541-737-0787
Science Dave Stauth 541-737-0787
University Honors College Nick Houtman 541-737-0783
Veterinary Medicine David Stauth 541-737-0787

Additional Contacts:

Coverage AreaNamePhone Number

Broadcast Media

Larry Pribyl 541-737-3817

Terra Magazine

Nick Houtman 541-737-0783
Student Affairs, OSU Libraries Theresa Hogue 541-737-0786
Honor Roll, Graduation   541-737-4611