Iterate program for entrepreneurs expands to Bend, Newport


CORVALLIS, Ore. – The Iterate program operated by the Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator/ RAIN Corvallis is expanding this spring to Bend and Newport, providing assistance to people who wish to become entrepreneurs and start a successful business.

Based in Corvallis, the program is open to OSU staff, researchers, and students, as well as community members. It consists of two-hour evening workshops held once a week for a month, and for the first time will also be available in remote classrooms in Bend and Newport.

More information about applications and the program is available online until April 22 at advantage.oregonstate.edu/iterate, for the class that begins May 3.

Officials say the program is about defining problems and solutions - what proposed product or service a company might offer to successfully address a problem, and form the basis for a successful business venture. Participants will learn some basic concepts about entrepreneurship, customer discovery, defining markets and other information.

More than 20 teams of potential entrepreneurs participated in the last session, working to develop such business concepts as sustainable materials, changing the flavor of wine through chemistry, new types of pressure sensitive adhesives, and new metal materials for everyday electronics.

Oregon State University Advantage

About the Oregon State University Advantage: Oregon State is committed to innovation that leads to new businesses, jobs and economic growth for Oregon and the nation. That commitment now includes the Venture Accelerator, to move promising ideas out of the laboratory and into the marketplace; and the Industry Partnering Program, which helps improve the success of existing business and industry.