Energy Experts Look to Future in Portland’s City Club Friday Forum


PORTLAND, Ore. – Several Oregon State University faculty members, each of whom are national leaders in new and alternative energy systems, will speak Friday, July 28, in the popular Friday Forum sponsored by the City Club of Portland.

Their presentation is titled “The Latest Power Play: New Developments in Biomass, Ocean Wave and ‘Green’ Energy.” Speakers will include Jose Reyes, professor and head of the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics; Annette von Jouanne, professor of electrical engineering; and Roger Ely, associate professor of bioengineering.

The talks begin at 12:15 p.m. and are open to the public, at the Governor Hotel, 614 S.W. 11th Ave. Lunch costs $20 for nonmembers and general seating is available for $5. More details on location, costs, parking, reservations and other information can be obtained at http://www.pdxcityclub.org

The program may also be watched later on computers or cable TV or listened to via KOPB-FM 91.5 radio in Portland or KOAB-FM 91.3 in Bend.

Reyes has been a pioneer in the development of a new generation of “passively safe” nuclear power reactors that experts believe hold the future of nuclear energy, which is gaining interest in part because it emits no greenhouse gases.

Von Jouanne has led OSU efforts to create improved technology for wave energy, an alternative energy form that may be uniquely suited to Oregon’s needs and have vast potential once better and more efficient production systems are optimized. Ely, a former Yale faculty member, is studying biological-based systems to produce hydrogen as an alternative energy carrier for fuel cells, in systems that are safe, efficient and economical.