Old-growth forests may provide buffer against rising temperatures header image

The soaring canopy and dense understory of an old-growth forest could provide a buffer for plants and animals in a warming world

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Hydrothermal vents and methane seeps on the ocean floor that were once thought to be geologic and biological oddities are now emerging as major players in global climate.


OSU students recovering from drug and/or alcohol addiction will find even more support this coming school year through a new housing option, specifically for those in recovery in fall, 2016.

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Research suggests that triclosan, an antimicrobial agent found in consumer products ranging from hand soaps to toothpaste, can rapidly disrupt bacterial communities found in the gut.

Image of Kashmir Himalaya Region

New geologic mapping in the Himalayan mountains of Kashmir suggests that the region is ripe for a major earthquake that could endanger the lives of as many as a million people.

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SAR11, the most abundant plankton in the world’s oceans, are pumping out massive amounts of two sulfur gases that play important roles in the Earth’s atmosphere.


2016 Commencement

OSU will host the 147th commencement ceremony on June 11. More information