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A Gift or a Brick?: Giving Effective Feedback


Giving and receiving feedback is a skill-based tool that can significantly enhance performance. When done well, feedback is a valuable gift that helps to improve skills. When not, it is transformed to a ton of bricks to be dragged about, slowly eroding performance. This class is focused for those who supervise, but is open to all. Feedback as a conversation will be dissected into its parts. Strategies and tools for both giving and receiving feedback will be emphasized. At the end of this training, you will be able:

-To increase awareness and impact of both giving and receiving feedback.
-To understand important facts about feedback.
-To reinforce how feedback is a critical element in the performance management cycle.
-To dissect the feedback conversation into its element parts.
-To reinforce the importance of relationship in the feedback process.
-To practice using processes for different types of feedback conversations.
-To reconnect to associated ideas of confidence, self worth, and regard.

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