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Well-Being Track Presentations

Caring for Elders: Strategies for Success

Providing care to an elderly family member or friend while holding down a full-time job can be very stressful. This workshop identifies signs of caregiver stress and presents strategies for making it all work, using workplace support, community resources and self care.

Goal Setting for Health and Well-Being

This session will help you determine the goals you really want to work on (given the many competing priorities in daily life) and then help you identify and plan out the steps to successful behavior change.

Healthy Food Choices for a Busy Life

To lead a healthy and effective life, we need to fuel our bodies and minds with good food. However, most of us are too busy to spend the time creating beautiful, healthy, homemade meals to bring with us everywhere.

Make Yourself @ Home in Your Office

You spend significant time sitting at a computer. So get comfortable! Small changes can have big impacts on your work-life balance and productivity. In this session, you will learn key ergonomic concepts and practical strategies for customizing your workstation to fit your changing needs.

Meeting the Challenges of The New Work and Life Reality

Achieving work-life balance in today’s higher ed environment can be challenging. This session will identify strategies and tools for helping students, faculty and staff more effectively manage their many work-life demands.

Sit Less, Move More

Prolonged sitting contributes to harmful health consequences…but it’s what we do all day! We’ll review the latest findings on physical inactivity and explore ways to incorporate more physical activity into your day. The session will include a 20-minute resistance band workout you can do anywhere. 

Stress Management Tips and Techniques

Stress affects physical health, emotional well-being, and work productivity. This session highlights the risks and the solutions: relaxation, nutrition, exercise, sleep, attitude development, symptom monitoring, and self-esteem.