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Human Resources Track Presentations

Criminal History Checks: Who Needs Them and Why?

Learn how to determine if a position requires a criminal history check and get a brief overview of the process from start to finish.  

EvalS: Writing Effective Goal Statements

Wondering how to work with goals statments in EvalS, the performance evaluation system? This workshop will help supervisors and employees write effective goal statements and use them effectively. 

FMLA/OFLA for Employees

This session will answer your questions about protected leave benefits afforded to you under FMLA/OFLA. You will understand what is available, what conditions qualify, and how and when to request protected leave.

FMLA/OFLA for Supervisors

This workshop for managers and supervisors and provides an overview of the types of protected leave available and the role of the supervisor/manager in administering protected leave for their employees.

Professional Faculty Job Category and Compensation FAQs

The professional faculty job category and compensation system is scheduled to be implemented beginning April 2013. This interactive workshop provides a general overview and answers your questions so you are prepared and informed.

Roundtable Discussion: Worker's Compensation, FMLA/OFLA & ADA for Supervisors and Managers

This interactive roundtable discusses some of the issues that can arise regarding protected leave, accommodation requests and workers' compensation claims. Several scenarios will be presented, and participants will work together to explore possible issues that might arise and laws that would apply. There will be time at the end for questions.