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The following tables estimate the annual costs for obtaining and holding a license through CLC for Oregon State. The actual costs may vary depending on the circumstances.

Standard License

Standard licensing costs

Local License

Local licensing costs

ICS License

Costs for ICS license

Application Fees: The one-time application fee will not be refunded

Administrative Fees: A CLC Administrative Fee is not charged during the first year as a licensee but will be applied upon renewal each year thereafter

Advance Fees: Advance Fees are used a prepaid credit balance against future royalties due.  Unused prepaid balances serve as royalty payments and do not carry over from year to year.  Advance Fees vary depending on the product category.

Logos on Demand: Logos on Demand is CLC’s digital artwork distribution program which provides subscribers with production ready digital logo sheets.

OLCP Holograms: Standard and Local Licensees are required to place Officially Licensed Collegiate Product (OLCP) Holograms on all products

Product Liability Insurance: All licensees are required to carry between $1 million and $5 million of product liability insurance.  Cost can vary depending on insurance agent/provider.

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