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Rewriting the Script
October 15, 2014

Rewriting the Script

A scholar gives voice to the forgotten women of Irish theater

Charlotte Headrick laughingly calls herself an “American mutt.” What she means is that she, like just about everyone else in this land of immigrants, springs from a colorfully diverse ancestry. Her Huguenot forebears — those “fierce, Calvinistic Protestants” — figured most prominently in the stories she heard growing up in Knoxville, Tennessee. But she was […]

April 23, 2009

Stage Kiss

Romance, history and science converge in OSU theater production

Arianne Jacques pondered the graphs projected on the screen and listened intently to Professor Ken Krane’s explanations – Newton’s First Law of Physics, Chaos Theory. She filled her notebook with scribbles about thermodynamics, algorithms, fractals and cosines. But at “iterative process,” the 21-year-old junior exclaimed, “I don’t get it!” and tossed down her pen. She […]