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Student Profiles and Achievements

Oregon State University undergraduate researchers have a wide variety of opportunities available to them to extend their research learning. In addition to being able to work closely with a faculty member here at OSU, many undergraduates receive research awards to support their work. Other students present their research findings at professional conferences nationally and internationally. Some students publish their research in undergraduate and professional journals. Finally, students have had their stories shared in a variety of news articles featuring OSU undergraduate researchers.


Danielle Asson

Danielle has her most rewarding experience in Marine Biology at the Hatfield Marine Science Center studying mud shrimp.

Chris HolmesParker

Exceling in the area of pico satellite research, Chris has gained momentum from his out-of-this world research in Mechanical Engineering.

Garrett C. Jones

Garrett has taken his studies into the poverty stricken heartland of Mexico with his amazing works in Public Health.

Melissa Prechtl

Melissa dives in to discover the effects of ocean acidification on shrimp in Marine Biology.

Melissa Princehouse

Exploring diet and exercise habits in premenopausal women, Melissa takes Nutrition to new heights.

Greg Rice

Mathematics gives "random walks" a whole new meaning in Greg's research in probability theory.

Matt Solberg

Matt's passion for Wildlife Management/Conservation Biology lead him to Nambia, Africa to delve into the lives of cheetas.



Getting the Lead Out

In a rural village in Ecuador, Eric Dove worked with local potters to test their glazes for lead. For this pre-med student in the University Honors College, the results were disturbing.

Amphibians Are Crashing

Justin Conner has been working with renowned amphibian biologist Andrew Blaustein to understand threats to frogs and their kin.

*Terra is an OSU publication dedicated to research at OSU.  Each issue features a story about undergraduate research.

Wren Patton-Exploring in Diverse Directions

"Wren Patton believes college is a time to explore anything and everything you’re interested in, even if it leads you in a variety of directions. It’s a philosophy she’s certainly followed throughout her college career..."



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Listen to undergraduates tell their research stories.  these students won awards for the poster presentations at the May 5, 2011 Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence program at OSU.