Learning Services: The Evening Study & Tutorial Programs

Laura, Marcus, and Mandi

Academics for Student Athletes arranges appropriate learning assistance for all student athletes. Our flexible learning services (both the evening study and tutorial programs) accommodate the varying schedules and needs of student athletes.

The goal of our learning services is to help all student athletes develop strong academic skills and become independent learners. The Evening Study Program, and the study facilitators who work within the program, assists student athletes with time management, goal setting, planning for the term, and a variety of other student skills. Individual and group tutoring sessions help students understand specific content within the specified course, learn to meet class responsibilities, improve their concentration and discussion skills and prepare and plan for completing assignments.

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Resources for Student Athletes
Resources for Current Study Facilitators & Tutors
Resources for Prospective Study Facilitators & Tutors

Your 2013-14 Learning Services Staff -
Laura Smithers, Marcus Perry, and Mandi Rodriguez


  • A Study Facilitator is... someone who helps students build the skills necessary to be as successful academically as that individual can. This includes provididng assistance and mentoring concerning academic skills and beahviors such as organization, study skills, time management and prioritization. This also includes general content assistance in your classes, as providing assistance surrounding academic skills and behaviors is inseperable from assisting with specific course content. Study facilitators are assigned automatically to all incoming student athletes and all academically at-risk student athletes through the Evening Study Program. Study facilitators operate as a single point of contact for the students with whom they work, having the ability to work directly with students through issues in every course, and refer students to other resources when need be. As such, study facilitators broadly assist students with all courses. If you have very specific issues with one or more courses that are beyond the scope of facilitator assistance (very specific questions about course content that your facilitator is not able to assist with), please talk with your facilitator and Academic Counselor about working with a tutor/tutors.
  • A Tutor is... someone who can help you with specific questions you have about the content of a course. Tutors are a great resource for the student who, given his/her study habits and skills are functioning at a reasonable level, is still having issues understanding course concepts. Tutors are provided for high-demand/high-risk first and second year courses, and are available according to the term's tutorial schedule (login required). If you find you are having issues with a class beyond the scope of tutorial assistance (fundamental issues with academic skills and/or behaviors that impact more than one class), please talk with your Academic Counselor about working with a study facilitator.
  • A Supplemental Instructor is... a highly trained peer educator who, after being assigned to a specific course, attends this course throughout the term and leads weekly study sessions for interested students. Academics for Student Athletes is proud to have our stdents participate in the campus-wide Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program. All students who are registered for courses that have SI offerings are informed of this opportunity in class at the beginning of the term. For more information on the SI Program, please see OSU’s Supplemental Instruction website.