Victoria Nguyen - Student Affairs Service Award 2011-12

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Victoria Nguyen
Intercultural Student Services


With the quiet strength her nominator used to describe her, Victoria Nguyen guides the leaders of OSU’s Cultural Centers with patience and a smile.  As Director of Diversity Development, Victoria works on a daily basis with challenges ranging from programming to budgeting.  Managing the Cultural Center staff she trains more than 50 students each year, serving not only as their supervisor, but their advocate, mentor and colleague.  She is the heart of the unit because she brings with her an indomitable spirit that is neither assertive nor aggressive, but is very clear about the outcomes she wishes to see. 

Victoria stands out as a role model to us all, continuously raising the standard of excellence on student empowerment.  Being a true ally of students in meetings, Victoria brings up real issues that affect them on a day-to-day basis.  Building connections amongst community and campus resources to foster equity and inclusion for students of color and other underrepresented campus groups, is a constant mission.

Finding a way to accomplish programming amidst controls and limitations, she is always aware and caring of how people may feel.  She has a gentleness and sense of humor that puts people quickly at ease.  Always willing to listen, she provides advice and perspective to any who ask for help, no matter what the issues or time of day. 

One of her many talents is connecting the world of student leadership and activism with the world of organizational mission and strategic plans.  She combines the goals and initiatives of Student Affairs, Intercultural Student Services and campus student leadership, as she brings each group of leaders through a process of education and empowerment.  Giving encouragement and inspiration to students to achieve their best academically, Victoria loves seeing them thrive utilizing their own talents and desire.

She serves on the Student Affairs Leadership Team, the Student Affairs Community Care Team, and works closely with Student Leadership and Involvement. She’s also working with the OSU Foundation, helping to shepherd the new cultural centers. She serves on an Academic Affairs retention team, looking at OSU retention strategies.  Most recently you will find her utilizing her talents on the Collaboration Corvallis Livability Work Group, working to identify and find answers to livability issues in neighborhoods surrounding campus.

She spends innumerable hours of extra time without expectation of honor or award, which is exactly why we feel Victoria is deserving of this recognition, finally, today.

Congratulations, and thank you, Victoria, for being who you are!


17th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 22, 2012